How Can a SureAquaCorp Product Lower Carbon Emissions?

Whenever the environment, climate change and renewable energy is mentioned, we are invariably told we need to lower carbon emissions and adopt carbon neutral lifestyles and business practices. But what is carbon neutral exactly?

To put it rather simply – Carbon neutral encompasses any activity which will reduce or reverse carbon emissions (Greenhouse Gas Emissions). Carbon Emissions are in part quite natural, however, there are many aggressively man-made carbon emissions that are unnecessarily impacting the environment – the manufacture of plastic water bottles being of major concern.

Carbon Emission

While many industries are establishing 'green' practices, and seeking ways to produce environmentally friendly products, and governments are actively working within the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) advanced by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Natural Resources Institute, the focus is also on communities and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint – the quantity of carbon emissions they produce.

Going carbon neutral is not always easy or practical. Some people have no choice other than to drive their car to work, but these same individuals may still work to live more eco friendly lives by purchasing locally grown produce thereby cutting down on the negative impact of transportation 'food miles' from distant markets, buying locally manufactured goods, planting trees and gardens, and so on.

The Negative Carbon Impact of Bottled Water

Forty five billion plastic bottles for drinking water are manufactured, transported and exported every year, driving up the levels of harmful Greenhouse Gas – estimated at 62g of emissions per one liter bottle. The bottles also create 124 million cubic meters of landfill, and pollute the environment, as less than 1/3 of drinking water bottles are recycled.

When you're traveling, use of environmentally harmful bottled water has to be balanced with the undeniable need for sources of healthy drinking water in places where there is no clean tap water, there is bacterial water contamination, the presence of Cryptosporidium or Giardia in the water, and sometimes with no adequate water sanitation.

Bottled Water Is Not the Only Solution

Bottled water is not the only solution to clean drinking water when you're traveling. Hygienic, cheap and close to carbon neutral SureAquaCorp water purification products, using micro-filtration/ultra-filtration technology, are the answer.

SureAquaCorp strives to provide solutions to allow you to reduce your carbon footprint.   By using SureAquaCorp products and eliminating the purchase of bottled water, it's estimated an average family who normally drink bottled water could easily reduce their carbon footprint by around 3.2 tones of CO2 each year.

The carbon footprints we leave today will affect our world well into the future. SureAquaCorp provides a safer, greener, way for you to reduce your carbon emissions and safeguard your health.