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flying overseasA random test conducted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) revealed contamination by fecal coliform bacteria and e-coli in passenger plane drinking water. Hydration is critical when you're travelling by air. Knowing the potential risks with airline water you may be tempted either to purchase expensive bottled water in-flight or to carry bottled water on-board – but how many would you need and would you be allowed? The answer is simple and far cheaper than you'd imagine. Fly anywhere overseas with your own SureAquaCorp product water filter/s slipped into your bum bag, handbag, or backpack. They're kinder on your health, your pocket, and the environment. Read more on overseas travel

                                   backpackingPart of the backpacking ethos is to tread lightly on the earth and to travel responsibly. But you can't ignore the health risks of potentially drinking contaminated water. With chlorine and iodine water purification treatments tasting so foul, unable to effectively destroy parasites, and causing potential health risks of their own, and with bottled water emerging as a major Carbon Footprint nightmare, what do you do?
Depending on the SureAquaCorp product you select it will filter up to 500 liters (132 gallons) OR 1000 litres (264 gallons) - enough to get you through any out of the way destination. The fine capillary membrane filters out waterborne bacteria and parasites from tap water, lakes, and creeks. The only ‘foot print' you'll leave will be your own. Read more on backpacking



Wherever you overnight under canvas, there's one common threat. Waterborne bacteria and potentially parasitic cysts are present in every water source worldwide posing both short and long term health risks.
No need to boil water. No need to cart gallons of clean drinking water  to the camp. No need to worry about bacterial or parasitic contamination. With AquaSafeCorp products you can drink from local water supplies with confidence, and the straws even overcome the threat of ‘Beaver Fever'. Turn bacteria contaminated water into clean water with just a sip. Read more on camping



 Whether you're going over the Himalayas, discovering Burma, wandering the length of India, or enjoying the outdoors camping close to your own home town you'll need a fresh supply of pure drinking water. The last thing you want to do is carry the added weight of water with you but even the most isolated water supplies may be contaminated with animal waste or a carcass further upstream.
SureAquaCorp products are so light and compact they slip easily into a side pocket on your rucksack or your pocket and are totally re-usable for up to 500 liters (132 gallons) OR 1000 litres (264 gallons) of water depending on the product chosen. The perfect trekking companion.     Read more on hiking




We all know someone who has had a gastroenteritis, diarrhea and vomiting whilst travelling or on holidays.  But did you know that almost 40-50% of the 220 million people who travel strike some kind of gastroenteritis when travelling?  Astounding!  Some 5% of people lose at least one day of their well earned holiday.  About 1 person in 250 end up in hospital or under doctor supervision.

With ever increasing growth bacteria, influenza’s, viruses, pollution, there is a motive here alone to protect yourself against harmful bacteria’s and protozoa cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Not even considering the expense of paying for expensive bottled water.  
What worse, in most cases 90plus% it is avoidable, by simply drinking from an SureAquaSafeCorp products, SureAquaStraw or SureAquaStraw, SureAquaBottle Read more on Travel & Holidays


disaster recovery

Natural Environmental Disasters or Emergency Floods, tornadoes, typhoons, tsunami, cyclones, blizzards and violent storms are becoming more and more prevalent.  We will all encounter a natural disaster one day.  Unfortunately with natural disasters brings destruction of essential infrastructure like electricity and water treatment plants. It is becoming more and more important to prepare one’s family and oneself to manage your way through the aftermath of the natural disaster.

The SureAquaCorp range of products can support you to provide one of the most essential element to keeping healthy after a natural disaster, provision of healthy water.  All our products remove 99.9999% of unwanted bacteria, protozoa’s cysts, like Giardia and Cryptosporidium.  Our AquaSafeBottle+ and AquaSafeStraw+ also remove Viruses.              Prepare your family and yourself.  Read more on Disasters and Emergency 


everydayDaily Use On average, each person in a developed country drinks 5.3 litres of bottled water per week. That’s a staggering 1.2 billion plastic bottles per year in the US alone. With only around 20% being recycled, most of the plastic bottles go straight into landfill.  That’s many valleys of landfill.
Also, did you know that it is legal to sell tap water in bottles without telling the consumer, you, if it is sold in the state it is bottled?
The SureAquaCorp product range, the amount of land fill can be massively reduced and you are able to drink purified water at a fraction of the cost. Help the environment and your hip pocket. Convert Read more of Daily Use




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