Bottled Water Replacement

Why does the bottled water market do so well??? 

I would put it to you that it’s a great marketing snow job. We pay premium for water, which has been shown to be cleaner water from our taps, a FRACTION of the price and without the impact to the environment. 

We all need to make the decision to replace bottled water, and reduce this unnecessary impact to the environment. 

Bottled water has been proven time and time again to contain dangerous levels of bacteria; this is an industry that is lacking in regulation. This lack of regulation is taking its toll on our health and our environment. 

Replace bottled water. 

What is going on with Bottled Water?

As a society we have lost faith in the quality of water being provided to us.  This is evident as the amount of bottle water we purchase on a daily, weekly, month and yearly basis.  On average, we consume a staggering 5.3 litres of bottled water a week, that’s 275 litres a water per year.  If the average price per litre is $2.50 that equates to $689 per year per person.  That’s over $2,756 per year for an average 4 person family. That’s average across every single person in this country. 

Bottled water is bought for a number of reasons including when out in park, at work or just for around the home. Sometimes it for convenience and other times it just because we have not thought about installing a water filter at home.  None-the-less it hits our hip pocket along with increasing green house gases and increasing land fill.  

There must be a more economical and “greener” way for both at home and out. In many tourist suburbs, water bottles are being banned to be sold due to rubbish is causes around suburb. This is extreme though they have not provided any real alternative to the precious liquid. 

Do you really know what is in the bottled water you purchased?  

In the US, the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) regulates the bottled water industry.  One of their regulations regarding labeling, manufactures must label where they obtain the water.  The manufacturers can also avoid this by stating the water has been purifier, deionized or distilled. This is a potential risk for consumers as there being inappropriate treatment of water. 

Another pertinent point about the bottled water industry in that a number of regulations for bottled water, in particular, the microbiological regulations is less stringent than the EPA’s for tap  water.  Unlike municipal water supplier, managed by the EPA, test results of water quality is public information where as bottled water is not. In addition, 

The SureAquaCorp product range used significantly reduce costs spent on bottled water as well as significant reducing landfill.

Deciding on the water-filled heart as our logo was no accident. It signifies water being essential for maintaining your health, and well-being. Our chemical-free, purifier straw will fit perfectly in your pocket, handbag. This low cost product is affordable to have one every member of your family.  It is a must, like having a tooth brush, everyone should have their own personal water straw – the SureAquaStraw.

How Can SureAqua products reduce Carbon Footprint?

When a person uses SureAquaCorp product, this would replace the need to have the energy required to produce and transport at least 2000 bottles of water. That’s over 200 kilogram of carbon emissions compared to only 250 grams to make each SureAquaCorp product.  A massive differential!

This is not even mentioning the requirement to dispose of the bottle rubbish generated.  
The SureAqua product range makes sense at all levels.  Why wait?


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