Emergency Water Filter

Be Prepared for a Disaster or Emergency

With regular monotonous occurrences there are natural disasters happening in every continent of the world every single day. From Typhoons, to tornadoes to earthquakes that disrupt, injury, damage infrastructure like roads, hospitals, communication systems and water treatments plants 

You get house insurance, have Emergency kits, First Aid kits and Disaster kits for your home, car and or camper. 

So doesn’t it make sense to include a chemical free water filtration device to allow you to have access to clean safe water?  

The SureAquaCorp product range can help support your through your hour of need. 

An Emergency may not be of the same scale as a natural disaster, it may as small but not less important of going on a 2 hour walk that lasts 10 hours. In that time you become dehydrated because your ran out of clean water and didn’t want to risk getting diarrhea or gastroenteritis.  

Emergency and Disaster Situations

One of the main infrastructure items that are susceptible in an Emergency or Disaster situation is water supply.  In floods, raw sewage can leak into the water ways; In earth quakes water carrying pipes may break letting in bacteria and the like into the water system;  In tornadoes, city break waters break flooding cities. 

So why not prepare your family and yourself for in a Disaster or Emergency Situation. 

Inany Emergency or Disaster kit, you should never ignore one of the essential items, ability to have access to clean drinking water for up to several months.  Imagine how many bottles of water that would equate for a normal household.  It is estimated that anything up to 280 x ½ litre bottles of water for a 2 week period would be required.  Just hope it doesn’t go longer and all the infrastructure is repaired in that time.  

To makes things more complicated, should you have no bottled water, you would have to wait, for how long, for a State Emergency Officer, to attend to you firstly than organize adequate supplies if they have it hand.   Depending the size of the disaster the volume of bottled water may not be available 

The SureAquaCorp product range, SureAquaStraw, SureAquaStraw+ and SureAquaBottle+ can provide a small compact, lightweight,  long term (long shelf life), product that can be stored easily at home, in the glove box of the car, in the camper, in the backpack.    

The SureAquaCorp product range can all last for many months of use as it filters 500 litre plus (132 gallons) making it an essential element of Disaster or Emergency Kit. The SureAquaCorp range of products can support you to provide one of the most essential element to keeping healthy after a natural disaster, provision of healthy water.  All our products remove 99.9999% of unwanted bacteria, protozoa’s cysts, like Giardia and Cryptosporidium.  Our SureAquaBottle+ and SureAquaStraw+ also remove Viruses. 

Water can be taken from essentially any source,  a municipal tap water, bottled water, freshwater lake and creek water filter, and be drunk with confidence that the water is free from waterborne bacteria, parasites and cysts (oocysts). 

In is commonly known that water purification chemicals are not able to kill off the potentially deadly Giardia and Cryptosporidium.  Chemicals are not able to penetrate the hard shells of the cysts.  Besides the water tasting dreadful, it is ineffective. 

Care must be taken, in not too believe that the water is free of bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts when the water is clear and turbid free.  These bacteria, cysts, oocysts and viruses are not able to be seen by the naked eye.  They range from 3-15 microns in size, that’s 3-15 millionths of a meter, some 100 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair.  

Are you willing to take the risk?  You would agree for a very small investment to avoid gastroenteritis, Giardiasis or Cryptosporidiosis is well worth while. 

How Can SureAquaStraw increase access to water in an emergency or disaster situation and reduce Carbon Footprint?

When a person uses SureAquaCorp product, this would replace the need to have the energy required to produce and transport 2000 bottles of water.     In a major disaster situation, there may require many large air freight cargo planes just to transport the water to the disaster zone.  If using the SureAquaCorp products, this is almost negligible.

In most disaster situation, access to water is not an issue, rather access to clean safe water is the issue. Due to the size and weight of the SureAquaCorp products, it makes for easy and fast transportation and distribution.  This directly results in faster access to water for those in disaster situations. 

Assuming you required 100 bottles of water during the period, each plastic bottle creates approximately 100 grams of carbon gas equating to 10 kg of carbon gas compared to 250 grams to make each SureAquaCorp product.  A massive differential! 

This is not even mentioning the requirement to dispose of the bottle rubbish generated.

The SureAquaCorp product range makes sense at all levels.  Why wait?

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