Camping Water Filter 

Portable Water Filtration Perfect for Camping

When you’re camping or hiking you don’t want to load yourself down. After all, you’re getting away from it all, not taking it all with you. You want compact camping equipment, and ultralight hiking gear, but you also need to carry health and safety gear including a camping water filter that is light, compact and reliable. 

Around the world there are so many pristine locations to establish camp, and to hike in breathtaking beauty. The forests of Germany, the Italian Alps, the Canadian Rockies, New Zealand’s Milford Track, The Pyrenees in southern France, a quiet burn in the Scottish highlands, an established tent village in Kenya, the heritage listed Daintree, Australia – and the list goes on. 

Wherever you overnight under canvas, there’s one common worldwide threat. Waterborne bacteria are potentially present in every water source, including municipal tap water. Parasitic cysts for Giardia and Cryptosporidium may also be in water sources worldwide, with Cryptosporidium in particular posing a critical short or long term health risk.

Hiking Water Purification Was Never This Easy

No need to boil and store up camping water. No need to cart gallons of clean drinking water to the camp site if you have a water source close by. No need to worry if there is bacterial or parasitic contamination in that crystal clear stream. 

With an SureAquaCorp, products you can drink from local water supplies, lake water, spring water and other water sources with confidence. It’s an ideal purification treatment for counteracting the threat of ‘Beaver Fever’, also known as Giardiasis, so named because of the gastro intestinal sickness resulting from ingesting the Giardia cysts that inhabit water sources downstream from beaver dams.

Turn bacteria contaminated water into clean water simply by sipping through the best portable and or pocket-sized,  ultra light camping filter on the market, and the kids will think it’s fun – so no nagging needed. The SureAquaCorp, products are ingeniously designed to trap dangerous substances by filtering water through a 0.2 micron filtration membrane. as in SureAquaStraw OR 0.01 micron as in SureAquaStraw+ and SureAquaBottle+. With proper use, it will filter up to 500 liters (132 gallons) OR 1000 litres (264 gallons) depending on product selected, ensuring you have clean camping and hiking water to drink. 

Camping and hiking is great for your heart and well-being, SureAquaCorp products are great compliment for  your healthy lifestyle and maintaining your health, and well-being. 

Our chemical-free, water purifying products will fit perfectly in your camping camp; hiking gear, or just slip it in your pocket to go. Every member of your family can have their own personal portable water filter– including your kids  so they can be even more independent.

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