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Flying Overseas? How Healthy Is Your Airline Water?

United States publication, US Today, reported a random test conducted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) revealed contamination by fecal coliform bacteria and e-coli in passenger plane drinking water. That’s not the kind of news you want to read when you’re flying overseas.

Now you can drink the local water, with ice – including airline water – anywhere you travel. When traveling by air the  compact, low-cost SureAquaStraw due to its size would be a great product choice. A personal drinking water filter you can fly anywhere overseas with your own pocket water filter slipped into your bum bag, handbag, or backpack gear.

All the ultra light SureAquaCorp products are tested and proven by a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) laboratory to provide near total protection – 99.9999%, against waterborne bacteria, e-coli, staphylococcus, fungi, metal contaminants, and high-risk protozoan pathogen, the SureAquaStraw+ and the SureAquaBottle+  removes bacteria and viruses allowing you to drink healthy water as you travel.

Travel Overseas

It’s one of the standard overseas travel health warnings – don’t drink the water. Did you know around 40% of overseas travelers experience uncomfortable often debilitating diarrhea for at least one day, and up to four days, as they travel? Giarida Lamblia and Cryptosporidium are major travel health risks and the chief causes of diarrhea, also vomiting and cramps.

While healthy adults recover from Cryptosporidium within days, though it remains in the lower intestine for around 5-weeks, in children or those with weak immune systems it can become severe, long-term, and even fatal.

Those at risk include international travelers, hikers, campers, and backpackers who drink from unfiltered, untreated water systems. Cryptosporidium cannot be destroyed by chlorine-based water disinfectants, except in prohibitive concentrations, making removal by water filters necessary, and vital.

Giardia cysts can be present in wells and other drinking water systems, seemingly healthy spring water and pristine mountain streams (in the U.S. it has earned the name ‘Beaver Fever’), and municipal reservoirs. Like Cryptosporidium, it cannot be destroyed by chlorination, also requiring filtration.

Hydration is always important when you’re travelling, but even more so during long-distance airline flights. Because of this, rather than drink the stale tasting airline water, most travelers opt for taking or purchasing bottled water on board. SureAquaCorp products can provide a trusted supply of traveling water on hand, without the expense and the growing strain on the environment caused by bottled water.

You’ve taken out travel insurance so why not back it up. The cost effective SureAquaCorp products you can substantially protect your health and avoid disappointment on your holidays. For parents, it’s fantastic to know that with this small water filter tucked away in your pocket your children can enjoy healthy drinking water while you’re in-flight or on the ground. Then you only need avoid the salad, and other high risk foods.

One of the best travel health precautions when you’re flying overseas is to ensure you have access to healthy water by carrying either an SureAquaStraw or SureAquaStraw+ water filter straw or SureAquaBottle+.

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