Operating Instructions

For optimum results, submerge the inflow opening of the AquaSafeStraw+ in the receptacle holding water to a depth no greater than the high water mark shown on the outer casing of the straw. Once submerged, simply sip through the mouthpiece as one normally sips through a standard straw.

Once finished drinking the water, stand the straw in an upright positon to drain to remove excess water then replace the mouthpiece. Once the product thoroughly dry, store the product in dry and cool conditions.

Note:The AquaSafeStraw+ is not designed to remove chemical contaminants, heavy metals contained in water.


The capacity of the AquaSafeStraw+ to filter water depends on the quality of water to be filtered. In addition the following conditions must be met for effective use of the AquaSafeStraw+. To be stored in cool and dry conditions;
Not to be used on water above 35 °C or below 2°C. Not to be damaged through tapping or heavily shaken, nor placing sharp objects inside the unit as it may damage the filter. Regularly wipe the exterior of the AquaSafeStraw+ with an anti-bacterial wipe after use, do not use if tip is still wet from the wipe.

Should the product not be reused within 5 days, the product should be cleaned and stored