Thank you for taking the time to read the testimonials below. We trust that you will be able to reinforce the quality, ease of use and the variety of reasons that our satisfied customers have chosen to purchase SureAqua products.

At SureAqua, we stand by our products and we believe that once you have also purchased and used them, you will also see the benefits. These benefits are from the chemical free nature of our products, the fact that the products will not let water pass through once the filter is full, their portability, high volume filtration, the cost effectiveness when replacing bottled water, to reducing you carbon foot print when replacing the purchase of plastic bottles…

If upon review of the testimonials, you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (via the site) for further information.


Andie & Robert


John F. Kizorek
Executive Producer
Two Parrot Productions

Two Parrot Productions recently had an opportunity to field test the new Sure Aqua water bottle in Cameroon, west Africa.  Our charity film documentary travels took us to many small and remote villages around Bafoussam, Cameroon.  One of these locations was an island surrounded by to rivers.  These rivers supply water for bathing, washing clothing, fishing and the only source of drinking water for villages along these rivers.

I was glad we had the new Sure Aqua bottle with us as it was our only viable way of having truly “clean” water to drink.  It work perfectly.  We even took samples of the water in clean clear glasses, and we were amazed at the clarity.  More amazing was the taste of the water from the river.  None.  It actually tasted better than the bottled water we had brought with us. Which was limited due to weight.

Thank you for giving us the piece of mind that the water we were drinking was safe and clean.  I would HIGHLY recommend this product to any outdoor enthusiast or someone traveling overseas.

Alan G

"Thank you for the straw.  It’s great.  My husband and I went to Asia for our honeymoon.  I used the straw and he didn’t.  I had a great time and he spent 6 days sick with diarrhoea.  He will never go away again and not use the straw."


Amy Murdoch

"The straw prevented me from getting sick in Bali.  The  others that I was traveling with for schoolies ended up sick.  My Mum got if for me and I didn’t think I really needed to use it.  But I am so glad that I did."


Mum 46

 "While bush walking during our recent summer break (Australian), my husband and I went on a 4hr hike. We knew that there was clean flowing water in the area. This meant that we could each carry a SureAquaStraw, instead of carrying water. We would have normally carried around 2L of water for a walk of that length, now that we have discovered SureAquaStraw, carrying that weight and bulk of the water is gone. It was great to be able to drink straight from the stream through the Straw safe in the knowledge we were drinking clean water. Great product!!! Thanks guys."



Student 19yrs

"Well… I can’t begin to tell you how I enjoyed my holiday to Bali recently!! I enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than my two good friends that I was traveling with, they both ended up with a dose of the famous “Bali belly”, they were sick for around a week. While I didn’t slow down at all. Yes – I was the only one with an SureAquaStraw. Awesome!!!!!"  


"On my trip to China I was the only one in the group (of 15) that didn’t feel the effects, at sometime and at some level of a tummy upset. I thank SureAquaStraw for insuring that I stayed a healthy as I did."




"Thanks guys, love the straw!! I thought my Mom was still being a bit “ full on” on the parent front when she gave me an SureAquaStraw to take to Europe backpacking. I stayed healthy, came back healthy, loved it – the straw and the sights!!! Can’t wait to go back – Berlin and Cinque Terra (Italy) were awesome."


Michael R
Long Beach

"Grrr!!! I have used Sure Aqua Straw many time when we have taken the kids camping. It didn’t, however, occur to me to take it to Mexico when I holidayed there recently in a beautiful 5 star hotel. The last four days were less than ideal, suffering with vomiting and diarrhoea. It was a long flight home. Lesson learned the hard way, I won’t leave without it next time, no matter where I am!!"


Carol Heri

"Your SureAquaStraw traveled with me when I did my round-the world OE last year. Not once did I get sick, which is more than I can say for my friend who needless to say didn’t use one during our travels."


   Los Angeles, California


 “What a cost saving on my back packing trek across Asia!   It saved me $100’s of dollars avoiding expensive bottled water and not to say it  avoided the dreaded diarrhea.  Thanks SureAqua” 



Vince and Francis  
New York, USA

 “A ‘must have’ product when traveling! It  protected my  health and gave me the freedom to enjoy my travels in China recently.  Not like the other people in our tour.” 


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