Our Story

Sure Aqua Corp is an Australian owned and based company. Our focus is to provide the highest possible quality of portable water filtration devices to all, to continue to develop cutting edge technology and stay true to our core values.We have both retail and distributor relationships that are ongoing and valued, also, with new partnerships constantly developing as we continue to experience amazing growth in the market of portable water filtration.

We are proud to be a company of high moral ethics and have charitable history and alliances with many organizations globally, to mention a few; Blue Point – Japan, The Genesis Network – the USA (Watch our work in Haiti), Aqua Angels – USA. We have particular pride in our relationship with SOS Pakistan Feed the Children and their honorable ongoing work that is beyond politics and religion.

SureAquaCorp has been able to forge both our charitable and business relationship due to our unique, quality products and our company ethos.

The quality of our products is clear in our ongoing laboratory testing results, that are independently undertaken with consistently outstanding results with the recent recognition and registration by the UN – under the UNGM registration.

Our commitment to quality goes hand in hand with our commitment to R&D – with 2 new exciting products to be launched in 2020.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with comment, suggestion or feedback. We value your input.


Robert Domanko
Founder, Owner, and Director

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