If you’ve never heard of water filtration systems before you will probably be pretty curious and want a good deal more information. If you have heard of portable water filter devices you may be browsing the market and want to find out what makes SureAquaCorp product different from other systems or water purification tablets and treatments.

Browse through to find out how the SureAqua products helps keep you safe, provides safer drinking water, helps the environment, and reduces your personal carbon footprint.



The outflow tap won’t turn or lift?
Strike it with an open hand, and while holding base twist, it left and right. Pull it up gently
Water is not flowing from the pipe?

Should you have no flow from the pipe, follow the following instructions

1.  Ensure the pump and filter are screwed on tightly – no air is leaking.
2.  Make sure arrow on outflow Tap is aligned to the outflow pipe.
3.  Check the seal under the thread of the Pump and filter is not damaged or twisted.
4.   Increase the amount of water in the Jerrycan.
5.  If all the above does not work, the filter may need to be placed.

What about the water around the tap when you are pumping?
This is because there is very high pressure being placed inside the tank. Note that the water around the tap is clean, safe bacteria-free water.
How often should I backwash the unit?
It depends on the quality of the water being filtered or was filtered previously. When the filtered water flow reduces to ¾ ~ ½ its original water flow rate when new, the filter will need to be backwashed.

It is beneficial to establish a habit of frequent backwashing to ensure the filter continues to operate to its maximum capacity.

Should I leave the tube when transporting the Survival Jerrycan?
You may remove or leave the tube attached to the Jerrycan when traveling, though it is recommended to remove and store a safe place.
Water stops flowing after I stop pumping?
This is because the pressure is required in the tank for the water to flow. Once the filtered water is flowing, you can keep the pressure up with a few pumps every 15-20 seconds.
How much water can be put in the Survival Jerrycan tank?
Approximately 18.5 litres of water.
What is the optimum about of water for use?
The Survival Jerrycan unit works best when full, though it can work effectively until almost empty.
How do I store the Survival Jerrycan?
Follow the detailed storage instruction to ensure the longevity of the unit. Click here
How do I store the Carbon Filter when not in use?
Store the carbon filter in the reusable plastic bag provided. Place a date on the plastic bag so that you know when to replace the unit.
Can I use the Survival Jerrycan with the Carbon Filter?

Yes. The bacteria and viruses will be removed from the water by the Survival Jerrycan UF filter. The Carbon Filter can be attached to the Survival Jerrycan if you need to improve the taste or when the water is “smelly”.

Has the Survival Jerrycan been tested?

The Survival Jerrycan Unit has been extensively tested and has never failed a test. Governments around the world have tested the Survival Jerrycan. See our website page for test results.

What happens if I drop the Survival Jerrycan?
The Survival Jerrycan is robust and is able to withstand general knock and vibrations. Where severe knocks occur, the unit may get damaged. You should have the water tested by an authorized center to confirm the filter is undamaged.
Is the Survival Jerrycan tested before I receive it?
Every single Survival Jerrycan filter is tested to ensure it is working correctly.
What is a John Guest Fitting?
John Guest is the leading manufacturer of push-fit fittings. The SureAqua products use the inch fitting in our products.
Should I be concerned about the first carbon dust out of the Carbon Filter?
There should be some minor carbon dust on the first use of the Carbon Filter. This will go away after several liters of water passes through the unit.
Where can I purchase the 1/4” Polyethylene tube?
Most hardware stores or water filter shops will carry this tube.
What and where can I purchase a cleaning/disinfecting tablets of fluid?
There are a number of different disinfection products that can be used to clean and disinfect the Survival Jerrycan and filter, including Puritab, Micropur or Milton.

They are available at TESCO, Amazon, hardware stores, supermarkets etc.


Can SureAqua products be used with every type of water? What water conditions should be avoided?
SureAqua products have been designed for use with a water temperature range of 4C to  35C.  To maximize the life of the products, the water should be clear of sediment, non-muddy and/or non-briny.  The products can use water from town water supplies, rivers, wells, streams, and lakes. Ideally, water should not be stagnated, muddy, opaque, cloudy, briny, murky as this will shorten the life of the products.  The products are not designed to remove salt from the water.
Can Ice Contain Bacteria?
Yes. Ice can support living bacteria for prolonged periods of time. Particularly in developing countries, you should use the SureAqua products whenever you drink a beverage containing ice.

Once used, the products should be maintained by placing the unit in fresh water and gently blown in to the membrane to remove diluted sugars from the membrane.  This will prolong the life of the product.

Does SureAqua products Eliminate Chemicals and Metals?
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Does SureAqua products have an after Taste?
Unlike the unpleasant after taste left by chlorine or iodine-based products, the SureAqua products leave no after taste – delivers pure clean water.
Does SureAqua products need cleaning, and how do I do it?
Yes, the SureAqua products should be cleaned. It is a quick and simple process.

By following these easy instructions you will enjoy maximum life and performance.

For full instructions, go to and look at each product for specific cleaning instructions.

Does SureAqua products work with salt water?

SureAqua products does not remove salt from water as salt particles are smaller than 0.001 microns. They are in the region of 0.0005 micron

Does SureAqua products remove waterborne viruses?
The SureAqua products do remove viruses. SureAqua products filters out all viruses and bacteria greater than 0.001 mircon. Virus sizes are 0.05 micron and greater.

Viruses have a very short life span in water, normally a couple of hours. Notwithstanding this, SureAqua products removes all known viruses to 99.99%. All tests to date have shown a removal rate of more than 99.9999% of all waterborne bacteria plus eliminating all parasitic contamination

Has SureAqua products been tested or certified?
Yes. SureAqua products have been designed and tested against international water filtration standards. Testing has been conducted by Militaries in the US, Australia, Malaysia, India and number of other countries.  It has also been tested by independent testing agencies such NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) approved laboratory
How does SureAqua products filter contaminated water?
The filter (membrane) used in SureAqua products is a micro-fine capillary membrane encased by a PES (Polyethersulfone) outer. Water is filtered through a filtration size of 0.01 microns, smaller than the smallest bacteria, working instantly to remove contaminants.  The SureAqua removes 99.9999% of bacteria, and protozoa’s and 99.99% of viruses.
How effective is SureAqua products against preventing common diarrhea?
The SureAqua products remove all bacteria and parasitic cysts known to cause common diarrhea. Recent research has shown Iodine and other halogens to be relatively ineffective in destroying Cyclospora, a lesser known diarrhea-causing parasite prevalent in most countries.
How environmentally friendly is it to dispose of SureAqua when compared against other similar products?

Because SureAqua products contain no chemicals there are no harmful contaminants to leach into the environment. This means the disposal of a SureAqua product is significantly more environmentally friendly than portable chemical based filtration systems.

How environmentally friendly is SureAqua products?
In one study by Pablo Paster ( it’s estimated the manufacture and transport of just one x 1-kilogram (1 liter or 26 fl. oz) bottle of water consumed 26.88 kilograms of water (7.1 gallons), 0.849 kilograms of fossil fuel (1 liter or .26 fl oz), and emitted 562 grams (1.2 pounds) of Greenhouse Gases.

As the SureAqua products can replace thousands of plastic bottles, or reduce fuel consumption.  It is estimated that it is 100 times more environmental friendly than comparable methods of providing clean water,

How long will SureAqua products last?
To some extent it depends on usage. SureAqua products is built to last a number of years with careful handling and recommended treatment and care. All materials used are of the highest quality and expect to last for many years,
How safe is SureAqua products?
As safe as an environmentally-friendly, chemical-free product can be the  SureAqua is the safest product on the market, and also one of the most cost effective.
Is chlorine in water bad for you?

While chlorine is ideal for removing waterborne viruses and chemical contamination, Chlorine is itself a chemical disinfectant. Naturally, when used in water purification tablets it is significantly diluted. However, the compounds in Chlorine can cause everything from eye irritation, sore throats, respiratory disorders and more. The only side-effect of SureAqua products is healthy hydration.

Is it safer to drink from SureAqua products rather than a water bottle?
Yes. While it is normal for bottled water to have some bacteria present, when stored for extended periods of time or subject to very warm to hot temperatures, in as little as 30-days this bacteria will multiple substantially, causing even the World Health Organization to warn consumers of potential health dangers, particularly in regard to children, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems.

Also, many brands of bottled water are filled straight from the tap, at times with no special purification (

Is SureAqua products safe for use by pregnant and nursing women and children?

Yes. Unlike chemical-based products, there are absolutely no restrictions to using SureAqua products either on the short or long term.

Should I use SureAqua products with bottled water and soft drinks?
While SureAqua products are not specifically manufactured for soft drinks, it is recognized that certain brands of bottled water, soft drinks, cordial and fruit drinks may be contaminated with harmful levels of bacteria. SureAqua products may be used with these types of beverages.  The dissolved sugar will block the membrane (as designed) shortening the life of the products.  To extend the life of the product after use with “sugar” based drinks (that is, soft drinks, fruit drinks, alcohol),  the SureAqua products should be placed in fresh water, blow into the filter which will move the sugar away from the membrane.  This will extend the life of the product.
Should people who are susceptible to disease use a chemical based water filtration system?
Excessive iodine intake is especially dangerous for those people with a predisposition to “Grave’s Disease”, because iodine can trigger this condition in susceptible individuals. Another contraindication is any thyroid disorder.
Should people with thyroid disorder use chemical-based water purification products?

Chemical-based water purification products, particularly iodine, are not recommended for those with thyroid disorders or who are allergic to iodine. Chemical-based products should only be used short-term, no more than 3 weeks, due to the potential harm to the thyroid gland. Those with a predisposition to Grave’s Disease and with compromised immune systems should also avoid chemical-based products

Should pregnant and nursing women or children use chemical-based water purification products?

Children and pregnant and nursing women should avoid chemical-based filters and tablets. Chemical-based water purification devices are known to affect the fetus.

What is Cryptosporidium?
Cryptosporidium is a protozoa that enters lakes and rivers through sewage and animal waste. The oocysts lie dormant in the contaminated drinking water until ingested when the parasite then emerges to live in the small intestine. The parasite causes cryptosporidiosis, a mild gastrointestinal disease, however, the disease can be severe or fatal for people with severely weakened immune systems. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the U.S.A., and the EPA (Environmental Protection Society) in Australia have prepared advice for those with severely compromised immune systems who are concerned about Cryptosporidium.
What is Giardia lamblia?

Giardia lambia is a protozoa that enters lakes and rivers through sewage and animal waste. The cysts can lie dormant in the contaminated water until ingested. The parasite then emerges to live in the small intestine. It can be present worldwide in municipal water systems, streams and creeks, so care should be taken not to drink water that is not purified. Symptoms of Giardia gastrointestinal illness include diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, and general malaise. Medical treatment should be sought.

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