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The risk of ingesting Cryptosporidium or Giardia cysts or bacteria in your drinking water is genuine during natural disasters, and camping is very real!

You can not afford to drink the water where there is a very high probability of it being contaminated. Under no circumstance should you take the risk! The risk is too high. The outcome can be devastating for your health.

There are several options available in the market place, such as chemical disinfectants and ultraviolet light cleansing.

Sure Aqua has a range of energy free, lightweight, portable water cleaning solutions giving you immediate clean drinking water at your disposal.


The Survival Jerrycan has not been around since 2010 and is trusted and used by;

  • Militaries around the world,
  • Aid agencies,
  • Government Disaster Response
  • Campers
  • Preppers

This compact unit is ideal for providing clean, safe drinking water for people in need where water is contaminated.

Survival JerryCan is a compact, high tech, tested, and accreditated water purification system that removes 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria, viruses including Pseudomonas, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus and Fecal Coliforms, plus parasitic contamination by Cryptosporidium, and Giardia. It provides you and your family with the confidence of knowing you can have safe drinking water anywhere around the world under most circumstances from tap water, lakes, and streams, and more.

The unit has been designed to be used in disaster environments such as floods, earthquakes, typhoons, and well while camping, where clean drinking water is potentially no longer available.

The Survival Jerrycan does not need to have any electricity nor requires any chemicals to kill or remove bacteria, viruses, and cysts and provides clean, safe drinking water instantaneously.

To learn more about the Survival Jerrycan, click here.


Often bacteria and virus free water does not necessarily have a pleasant taste. For this reason, Sure Aqua has designed a water an activated carbon absorption filter that attracts and removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) chlorine and fluoride.

For this reason, we do recommend that the Sure Aqua Carbon filter be used with the Survival Jerrycan.
In our Sure Aqua Carbon Filter, we use an organic coconut shell that has been processed to activate the carbon to enable them to attract and binds to the surface of the crushed coconut shell to remove the unpleasant tastes out of the water.

One of the critical aspects of the absorption is the surface area created by the crushed coconut shell. In our Sure Aqua Carbon Filter, is has close to 90,000 square meters or 960,000 sq ft. of surface area to attract any unwanted taste.

In most circumstances, up to 1,500 liters of water can pass through the unit. This may be less should have high concentration levels of VOC and other bad tasting materials.

Since the unit is absorption, the direction of the water flow is not essential. It can be used in either direction.

To read more visit the detailed product description.

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