Why Drinking Water Filtration is Critical for Your Kids

If you ever saw a Cryptosporidium or Giardia parasite under a microscope it would horrify you if one made its way into your child’s body. Just knowing where these parasitic water borne diseases originate is enough to turn your stomach, as they enter water systems through animal waste and human sewage. To protect your kids, you need an SureAquaStraw drinking water filtration system.

Cryptosporidium and Giardia are common protozoan pathogens and may be present in any water source from North and South America to Italy, Iraq to Africa, India to Australia. Even in developed countries there has been water scares including the cities of Miami, Sydney, and London.

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These parasites are resistant to the water treatment system of chlorination and ozonolysis used in water treatment plants, and to water purification tablets. A drinking water filter with micro fine filters of at least 1 micron is the only way to remove the cysts from water supplies. With a filter of 0.2 micron, the SureAquaStraw is more than able to handle the job.

Signs of Parasitic Infection

Cryptosporidium enters as an oocyst. The outer shell dissolves in the intestinal tract releasing the protozoa. In order to rid itself of this infection, the body starts a violent process of severe stomach cramps and diarrhea, and often fever and vomiting. Children are at particular risk of prolonged, debilitating effects.

Giardia enters as a dormant cyst. Even if it appears to be clean water, cysts can still be present. While it’s possible to have no symptoms, adults and children can experience diarrhea and extreme gas, gastric pain and nausea, bloating and malaise.

Precautions to Take

Governments around the globe advise travelers to be careful of unfiltered water supplies. Governments warn these parasites are key travel health concerns and can enter the body by drinking contaminated water. Particularly when travelling in countries with poor water sanitization, do not drink unfiltered/untreated water and ice, avoid uncooked foods, peel fruits and vegetables and don’t take drinking water straight from lakes, rivers, and streams.

Naturally, medical treatment must be sought and the whole family must wash hands carefully especially before handling food. Gloves can be worn when changing nappies, however, hands must still be washed.

Drinking Filtered Water is THE Only Method

The SureAquaStraw, water filter straw, effectively filters Cryptosporidium and Giardia from all water sources. Water filtration is via a microfiltration membrane of 0.2 micron, ensuring bacteria of a minimal size of 4 micron, and parasites can not pass through. SureAquaStraw has been approved effective by a National Association of Testing Authorities laboratory.

Kids just seem to naturally enjoy drinking from straws. When you consider the SureAqua Straw drinking water filtration straws can filter up to 500 liters (132 gallons) of water for just US$34.95, balanced with the potential risks of going without, you know this is protection your family can’t afford to be without.

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