Hiking Water Filter

An Ultra Light, Pocket Sized Hiking Water Purifier

To carry sufficient clean hiking water has always been a weighty problem. First on the market were the easily portable water filtration tablets – but, oh, the taste. Other methods such as space-taking filtration bladders were introduced, then finally the launch of a small, light hiking filter – SureAquaStraw hiking water purifier straws, ideal for multiple applications, perfect for hiking.

Ultra Lite, Ultra Safe Hiking Water Treatment

Naturally, when you’re carrying your tent, cooking gear, first aid, clothes and more on your back you’re looking for ultralight hiking gear, and don’t want to be carrying the extra weight of multiple water bottles. Therefore, it’s vital to carry a compact hiking water purifier as the local water source may contain bacteria and gastrointestinal parasites that could be risking your health.


You no longer have to lug around liters of water, and you don’t have to risk your health, not when it’s so easy to carry SureAquaStraw - a simple method to have pure, bacteria-free water for hiking tucked in your hiking/climbing gear whether you’re going over the Himalayas, discovering Burma, wandering the length of India, or enjoying the outdoors camping close to your own home town.

SureAquaStraw hiking water purifiers are so compact they slip easily into a side pocket on your rucksack or a pocket on your hiking pants or outer clothes. It’s safe to include in your kids hiking gear, light and easy for them to carry, and of course every kid prefers to drink from a straw.

SureAquaStraw water straws are simply ideal as a global backpacking water filter, hiking, camping out, for municipal and town water sources, and emergency or precautionary home use.

Tested and Approved Safe and Effective

water hikingWhere more intensive purification is required, such as with chemical contamination or viral infections, the additional protection of water purification tablets or other disinfecting agents will be required. SureAquaStraw will do the rest by removing waterborne bacteria and protozoa, allowing you to enjoy pure, safe drinking water.

Reusable SureAquaStraw hiking filters do not use either the iodine or carbon methods, require no batteries or external assistance, and purifies up to 500 liters (132 gallons) of water using a unique micro-filtration technology incorporating a 0.2 micron micro-porous filter. In addition, SureAquaStraw is tested and approved by a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) approved laboratory.

Some hiking water filters simply don’t come under the heading of ultra light, plus you can pay up to hundreds of dollars for a hiking water purification system, or you can pay US$34.95 for a high-quality, compact SureAquaStraw hiking water filter that removes 99.9999% of dangerous bacteria, as well as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

For light, convenient camping & hiking gear and hiking water filtration, SureAquaStraw hiking water purifiers can’t be beaten for total size, effectiveness and price.