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There are very few countries around the world that you can categorically trust to drink local tap water without becoming ill to some degree.  This includes developed countries.  It may not necessarily be because of any “bad” bacteria but because you are not used to the local water because the composition is different, such as, having a different mineral water filter

Not-with-standing the above statement, bacteria, protozoa cysts, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other creepy crawlies exists in a staggering 46% of water supplies across the globe.  As reported by the US Environmental Protection Agency, only one US state did not have a water based health violation.

There is a direct correlation between the levels of sanitation in country to the water quality.  The higher the sanitation level, that is, percentage of people access to sanitation, the higher the quality of drinkable water.  With only 25% of nations in the world that have a 90% or above reach in sanitation, it speaks volumes of water quality in most countries.  Something to think about, over 2 million tones of feces is disposed in water supplies (WWAP – United Nations World Water Assessment Programme) 

The thought of getting dysentery or gastroenteritis is a terrible thought as it may ruin your holiday or travelling experience. Not to say the side effects can last for a very long time after the initial bout of the infection.

Don’t think that staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel will be the answer or just using bottled water will make a difference.   Hotel water comes from the same source as from the surrounding suburbs and the bottled water may come from the same source.  As well don’t think drinking soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and the like will absolve you (Soft drinks use the same water or the ice in the alcoholic drink).  Even more skepticism needs to be made in not so developed nations.  Giardia and Cryptosporidium can be found at these establishments as well.

 It’s one of the standard overseas travel health warnings – don’t drink the water. Did you know around 40% of overseas travelers experience uncomfortable often debilitating diarrhea for at least one day, and up to four days, as they travel? Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium are major travel health risks and the chief causes of diarrhea, also vomiting and cramps. 

While healthy adults recover from Cryptosporidium within days, though it remains in the lower intestine for around 5-weeks, in children or those with weak immune systems it can become severe, long-term, and even fatal.

Now you can drink the local water, with ice anywhere you holiday or travel.  Using a compact, low-cost SureAquaStraw personal chemical free drinking water filter.  You can fly anywhere overseas with your own pocket water filter slipped into your bum bag, handbag, or backpack gear.  There is no need to carry many litres of water each day in your bag.  Lighten the load.  Just get your water as you go and drink it through an SureAquaStraw or SureAquaStraw+.

Don’t expose yourself to the risk of becoming ill when travelling or holidaying.  Avoid coming down with any gastroenteritis, Giardiasis or cryptosporidiosis.    Don’t think that using a chemical based product will kill these cysts based infections.  It has been acknowledged by the World Health Organisation and the US Military that chemicals don’t work on these cysts unless the level of concentrate is so high that renders the water undrinkable.

The ultra light SureAquaCorp products is tested and proven by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) laboratory to provide near total protection – 99.9999%, against waterborne bacteria, e-coli, staphylococcus, fungi, metal contaminants, and high-risk protozoan pathogens, allowing you to drink healthy water as you travel. 

With the SureAquaCorp product range, you are able to freely drink water anywhere in your travels.  Rather than spend your well earned money on expensive bottled water to maintain hydration, you can use it on bring home some fascinating memorabilia. At a fraction of cost, the SureAquaCorp products costs are recouped within a few days of your holiday.  

You’ve taken out travel insurance so why not back it up. For a very cheap cost, you can substantially protect your health and avoid disappointment on your holidays.  For parents, it’s fantastic to know that with this small water filter tucked away in your pocket your children can enjoy healthy drinking water while you’re in-flight or on the ground. Then you only need avoid the salad, and other high risk foods.

One of the best travel health precautions when you’re flying overseas is to ensure you have access to healthy water by carrying an SureAquaCorp product,  water filter purification straw or bottle.


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