SureAquaPak - Clean Water Filter in a BackPack

What Is SureAquaPak Personal Filtration?

When you travel overseas, particularly to developing countries, take to the woods camping or hiking, or if your home town water treatment plant is under performing or  there is a natural disaster, a portable SureAquaPak water filter Pak each will ensure you and your family stay healthy even though you drink the water.

SureAquaPak is a high tech, tested and approved water purification system that removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria including Pseudomonas, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, and Fecal Coliforms, plus parasitic contamination by Cryptosporidium, and Giardia. It provides you and your family with the confidence of knowing you can have safe drinking water anywhere around the world from tap water, ice in drinks, lakes, and streams, on aircraft, shipboard, trains, hotels, parks and more. 


SureAquaPak Offers

No After Taste

No chemical additives - No chlorine No iodine

Chemical Free

Filtration is via microporous membrane, safe for all the family to use and use

Instantaneous Use

No waiting time for drip or chemical interaction

Easy to Use

Just place the tip in the water and sip

Bacteria Free

Filters out bacteria to 0.2 micron

Parasite Free

Removes parasites, cysts, oocysts, and spores


Extremely low per litre cost - beats bottled water 100 to 1 and similar filtering products 5 to 1

High Volume

Filters up to 500 liters(132 gallons) and is completely re-usable

Long Life

Up to 9 months of continuous use. The product can also be stored and used periodically over long periods of time.

Durable for Travel

Physically strong and robust

Zero Energy

No power or batteries required

Scientifically Approved

Tested at NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) standards        approved Laboratory

Water Bottles
1 Pak = approximately 1000 bottles of water

Importantly, SureAquaPak is re-useable many times over and is extremely cost effective, filtering up to 500 liters (132 gallons) of water. That's 1,000 x500ml bottles of bottled water you won't have to buy - what a saving!!

It's also a saving for the environment, and your health.

SureAquaPak is Better Than Bottled Water - But Why? Bottled water is starting to come under higher scrutiny and criticism for sub-standard, often simply tap, water; bacterial growth after bottling and related health concerns; massive environmental impact, Greenhouse Gas emissions, and drain on natural resources through manufacture and transport; and long-term pollution.

We believe SureAquaPak is the best filter of its type in the market place. What is SureAquaPak - it's an outstanding personal drinking water filter in terms of cost, purification, filtration, portability, and the environment. We invite you to dip, sip, and enjoy the many benefits.

More About SureAquaPak

The SureAquaPak is a portable, chemical free, light weight, safe for all, water filtration Pak that allows to drink bacteria free (99.9999%) void of and Giardia or Cryptosporidium water safely anywhere around the world.

The SureAquaPak is a plastic Pak fitted with a special membrane which uses microfiltration technology and is suitable for personal use to protect against water borne bacteria and protozoa found in the tap water of many countries. When used in accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions contained below, it filters out 99.9999% of these micro-organisms including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. SureAquaPak is compact, lightweight, simple to use and an essential travelling companion.

SureAquaPak is designed only for removing water bacteria in glass filled with tap water. It is designed for use single person use and must be treated with care. SureAquaPak has not been designed to remove the taste of the water.

If operating and maintenance instructions are observed, the SureAquaPak can be expected to filter up to 500 liters of water.

What else, it is very environmentally friendly.

Design Specification

The SureAquaPak has been designed and manufactured to Food and Health Government regulations. The SureAquaPak was designed to meet the following requirements;

  • Children as young as 12 months should be able to use the Pak to drink water
  • Removes Bacteria including Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Stops operating once filter membrane is ineffective
  • Does not introduce any bad taste
  • Chemical Free -Safe for All
  • Ready for immediate use, giving immediate results
  • Exceed US Centre for Disease Control guidelines
  • Exceed US Environmental Protection regulations
  • Exceed US Food and Drug Association regulations
  • Exceed World Health Organizations Guidelines
  • Weigh less than 30 grams
  • Be robust
  • Be cost effective
  • Be environmentally friendly

The result, the SureAquaPak, is outstanding.


Construction of the SureAquaPak

SureAquaPak Characteristics

Length     mm

Diameter  mm

Dry Weight  1200 grams

The Filter Membrane

The filter is made of multiple hollow fibre membranes, 40 plus metres, packed into a casing. These membranes are produced by a melt spun and drawn processes from 100% polyethersulfone raw materials. After the membrane is manufactured the surface is coated with hydrophilic polymer to aid the filtration process. Filter membranes have a pore size of 0.2 micron.

Membrane Specification

Chemical Composition Polymer  Polysulfone
  Physical Properties Type
Hydrophilic capillary membrane
Wall thickness Mean 100 µm ± 50 µm
    Inner Diameter Mean 300 µm ± 40 µm
    Tensile Strength ≥ 50 cN
    Elongation at break ≥ 30%
  Membrane Performance  
Trans membrane flow       ≥ 22 ml/cm2 min bar
    Retention of bacteria ≥ 7 log red. Value

Holding it together

The two main components of SureAquaPak, the outer casing and the membrane. To hold it together we use a food grade quality glue.

Note: plate count <25 & >2.5E3 are estimated counts
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