Water Purifiers with a Difference

With the range of water purifiers, or 'pre-filtered' water on the market it can all get a bit confusing – so why choose a SureAqua product? 

Low-Cost, Portable Water Purifiers Totally Safe for Everyone

SureAqua products cleanse contaminated water of up to 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria including e-coli and cyclospora, Giardia and Cryptosporidium, and pseudomonas, and function as a compact, extremely lightweight portable water purifier for lakes and streams, and as a tap water purifier. 

These water purification filters are also a far more environmentally friendly way of purifying water. Bottled water, once thought to be the ultimate in pure drinking water has now not only been revealed as a potential harbor for significant bacterial contamination, but is creating a serious environmental impact. 

Water Purifiers

In a study conducted by Pablo Paster (treehugger.com), he states: To manufacture a 1-liter bottle for bottled water it requires 6.74 times as much water as is carried in the bottle, plus 0.849 kilograms of fossil fuel, and produces 562 grams or 1.2 pounds of Greenhouse Gas. Multiply this by 45 billion bottles manufactured annually and we're talking major impact. 

Where once sales of bottled water were growing in the UK, recent reports indicate the Brits are leading the return to tap water or looking for more environmentally friendly options. SureAqua products are the ideal alternative to bottled water offering drinking water purification under any circumstances including in the home or travelling, on airlines, trains or coaches, in restaurants or wilderness hiking or camping. 

How to Purify Water with SureAqua Products

This compact, portable water purifier tucks away in your pocket, and is ready to go immediately. All you do is sip. Nothing could be simpler. When you're finished,  stand the unit upright to drain to remove excess water, re

place the cap, and pop back in your pocket or day pack. 

SureAquaStraw uses an ultra-fine microfiltration membrane of 0.2 micron, which can filter up to 500 liters (132 gallons) of water (think how many bottles that equals!) and can last for months. 

The SureAquaBottle and AquaSafeStraw+ uses an ultra-fine microfiltration membrane of 0.0.01 micron,

which can filter up to 1000 liters (264 gallons) of water (think how many bottles that equals!) and can last for months. 

SureAqua Products Offers Safe Water Purification

Other water purification systems or methods invariably involve chemical water purifiers – purifiers such as chlorine or iodine – and no one wants to swallow chemicals if they can help it. 

Chlorine purification tablets taste dreadful, and while they are ideal for viruses, don't filter out parasitic cysts. A carbon activated water ionizer is not effective against e-coli and pseudomonas, while the contraindications of iodine are extensive. Those with Graves Disease, thyroid disorders, children, pregnant or feeding women are advised not to use any iodine based drinking water purification

Fortunately with SureAqua products water purifiers, no warnings are necessary as this chemical-free water purification system is safe for all ages and all states of health, and for long-term use. 

For purified water there really isn't a better option. These nifty little purifiers come with no environmental or health baggage – no chemicals, no risk, minimal carbon footprint, maximum benefits.

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