Having A Water Filter Is Important  for Disaster Readiness

Having A Water Filter Is Important for Disaster Readiness

Disaster Readiness- Do we really need to do it?

Are you, in any way, prepared for some kind of disaster to hit your area? Are you Disaster Ready?  If you stop 100 random people on just about any street in any town or city in any part of the country, the answer you will get is for disaster readiness, not only NO, but they will also tell you that they don’t know how to get prepared for a disaster coming to their area.  This a very sad though true statement of fact.

It was made very clear just how unprepared for a disaster people are when displayed all over the TV during the Katrina Hurricane disaster that hit and devastated the New Orleans area.  It is also shown when the news reports hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes hit an area. 

It shows how much people need the bare necessities brought in to them just to be able to survive.  We see these things every year on the TV news.  After seeing these things happening so often, you would think that people would want to prepare at least a little, but they haven’t! 

Are you Disaster Ready?

Ideas to Prepare for a Disaster

The first suggestion I want you to think about is finding out exactly what kind of natural disaster could hit the part of the country you live in.  Search the Internet to find the history of the area you live in to see what sort of disaster has come to your area in the past.  Knowing what has happened in the past where you live, you can prepare to survive that kind of disaster should it return to hit your area again. This should only be a guide to become disaster ready.  The current pandemic is an example of other types of disasters.   Disaster readiness is essential for survival.

If you live near the ocean, a freak hurricane could visit you, or even a huge tsunami that came across the ocean from another part of the world could come crashing in the area where you call home.

Likely Disasters

Some areas are prone to having tornadoes hit their area fairly regularly, so the people that live there, or move into that area, should prepare to survive a force 5 tornado and hope they never have to try to live through one, or the mess of the after-mat of something like that. So Disaster Readiness should be in your mind and bring calmness knowing that you are disaster prepared.

You will also want to make what disaster preparations you can to survive a not-so-natural disaster the comes to your area.   Just ask the people in New York about how fast they learned about that with the 9/11 Twin Towers terrorist attack and the aftermath of that huge mess.

FACT: Over 90% of people are not prepared for any kind of disaster!

How Disaster Ready are you?

Now that you know why you should have some kind of disaster readiness handy let’s talk about what you need for your emergency supply survival kit.  As a general rule, you will need as a minimum the following;

  • Some kind of water filter or a safe supply of clean drinking water,
  • Food (preferably the kind that you can but don’t need to cook or warm-up),
  • Some kind of emergency shelter (like a tent or materials that you can make some sort of tent out of),
  • A light source (candles and flashlights (with the right size batteries)),
  • A number of tools (knife, ax or hatchet, shovel and things like that) and
  • Clean changes of clothing.

Best Portable Water Filters

There are many portable water filter devices available in the market that claim to remove bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium, and viruses out of water.  You do need to read the fine print.  Most won’t guarantee acceptable levels of 99.99% and above (when including manufacturing quality), nor do most have safety switch-off mechanisms.  Also, make sure the products have been independently tested.

One such device that exceeds all internationally recognized guidelines has been independently tested by various governments worldwide and has a safety switch-off mechanism is the SureAqua filter. They are  great small portable water filter and purification  devices should be a mandatory devicie in Disaster Readiness Kit. 

They are very simple to use. The SureAqua Straw  can be used like a straw to drink water through, and it filters the water as you are drinking. Its is a lifesaver device. You can check out the Sure Aqua portable water filters devices.   You will be amazed at how small it is.  You could keep several of these around for emergencies or just to take camping with you.


Long Term Food Storage

The emergency food that I recommend that you get and keep on hand is called MRE’s (this means Meals-Ready-To-Eat).  They come in a variety of menus and can be eaten cold (right out of their packaging), or they have a tool for warming them that just takes a little water added to it while it and the main food package is in a plastic sleeve that is included.  This kind of food can be kept for 5 years or longer, depending on how you store it, and it will not spoil. It will be ready to eat whenever you want or need to.  How easy is it to become disaster ready!

TheReadyStore sells the food in kits for as few as 3 days or as much as a full year’s supply.  They also sell packaged water which is good to have in addition to any water filter that you have in your Disaster Readiness Kit.

That website also sells complete kits for multiple people groups from a couple to a family of 4 or even an emergency kit for helping as many as 50 people for 3 days to a week.

You will need to have a tent or a tent capable of keeping you and your family out of the weather when you sleep at night.  Sleeping bags or extra blankets with some kind of waterproof cover will also be needed.

Other Disaster Readiness Supplies

Tips for Disaster PreparednessBesides your water filter or packaged water, food, shelter, lighting, a communication device (radio), waterproof matches, and tools, you will also want to figure out other things that you may find useful if your survival situation is for an extended period of time.  I keep three full kits (complete with MRE food and a portable water filter) packed away just in case I may need them sometime in the future. You will probably want to get a small emergency kit or disaster readiness kit to start with and add to it over time. 

Final Say on Disaster Readiness

Then you at least know you will be able to survive should any kind of disaster visit you


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