Vacation Health Issues: Travel Tips

Vacation Health Issues: Travel Tips

Travel tips for avoiding health issues on vacation

When you travel in any foreign country, they say the chances of you getting sick through catching a virus or digesting a bacteria that you are not accustomed to increases 79% as per a study conducted in US National Library of Medicine -National Institutes of Health. Health issues are a significant concern when you travel. So ask your Doctor about travel vaccines and local health issues for where you’re traveling to, precautions to take, and follow the advice given. However, would the following be on your radar?? There are simple issues and precautions that you need to be aware of.

  • If you need regular medication, take enough for the entire time; take a supporting letter and proof of a prescription for your Doctor.
  • The risk of developing a blood clot when flying is significantly increased, especially for older people. There are many issues that can increase your risk; over 41, more than 20% of your ideal body weight, recent stay in the hospital, medical history – the list is much longer. DISCUSS this with your Doctor, and it might be appropriate for your to purchase T.E.D Anti Embolic Stockings from a pharmacy (make sure you are measured correctly). Drink plenty of water while flying, walk around if possible, do the exercises that are recommended.
  • Are you going on a hiking holiday – is there the possibility of altitude sickness, i.e., where the level of oxygen is low. This can be from an elevation of 6,000ft or more. Make an appointment with your doctor if you are going to be hiking to the mentioned altitude.
  • Have you ever experience travel sickness? Take the anti-nausea medication with you. Your Doctor will advise you regarding the type and amount of medication that you can take with you.
  • Could jet lag be an issue for you??
  • Is the water that you are given on the plane from tanks or bottles – is it safe to drink? Might consider using a portable chemical-free solution; Sure Aqua products

Consider your health before the vacation

The above issues are some examples of things that might not occur to you. When you see your Doctor, just before your holiday, remember to discuss everything. That includes your recent medical history, where you are going, how long you’re staying, and what you plan to do when you’re there.

Avoiding illness and injury is the best practice; arm yourself with good advice and remember to get a good travel insurance.



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