Standard Town Water Treatment Process

Standard Town Water Treatment Process

Standard Town Water Treatment Process

Your tap water goes through a lengthy water treatment process to ensure that it is clean town water for drinking by government water standards.

For the purpose of this article, the standards outlined and discussed in detail by a document called the ‘Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 6, 2018’ will be used as a point of reference when discussing the water treatment process.

This document was put together by the NHMRC Australia (National Health and Medical Research Council).  This standard is very similar to that of the USA’s CDC.

Almost every water source globally has been contaminated with unwanted disease-carrying bacteria that are not suitable for drinking or use. For this reason, water treatments are required to provide safe drinking water.

Did you know that bottle on average cost 300 times more than bottled water!

Town water plant cleansing

Final Say

Town water plants, on the whole, provide very clean, safe drinking town water. Often water can be contaminated after the water plant through broken infrastructure piping.

In many developed and developing countries, the infrastructure is old and prone to break leading to water contamination regularly.

It is recommended to have some filtration for your drinking water to reduce the potential digesting of infectious bacteria.


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