SureAqua in Haiti 

During the devasting natural disaster in Haiti, Sure Aqua donated products via Genesis to provide the people in Haiti safe desease free water.

SOS Pakistan

Sure Aqua donated products the people of the Pakistan during the horrifying floods impacting 10’s of millions of people.

Demonstration of the Survival Jerrycan in Ganges River, India

Garth Holloway, a director of Sure Aqua demonstrating the Survival Jerrycan in the Ganges River at Patna, Bihar, India.

Note:  To save time on the video, the Survival Jerrycan was partially filled before the video started. 

Demonstration of the how the water is filtered

A visual demonstration on how the filter transforms  the murky water to clear drinkable water.

Demonstration of the Survival Jerrycan

Robert Domanko, a Sure Aqua Director demonstrating the Survival Jerrycan in the suburbs in Sydney


SureAqua first TV Commercial

The very first TV commercial made by Sure Aqua (fromerly Aqua Safe).  The products have stood the time of day performing as good as they did in day 1. 

SureAqua American TV Commercial

Sure Aqua’s TV commercial shot for the Shopping Channels in the USA

Malaysian Military Testing

The Malaysian Military created this video on the method they collected water for testing of the Survival Jerrycan.

Animation of how the Sure Aqua Products CleanWater 

An animated representation of the different levels of filtering and purifcation of water Sure Aqua products

 Water Solution Presentation

A presentation prepared fo the the Indian market for the use of teh Survival Jerrycan and the Community Watewr Tower.

TV Current Affair Queensland Floods 2012

Channel 7’s Current affair program identifying the wastinjg of public money were a better product is available

Sure Aqua on Balancing Act  amonrnig Breakfast show in the USA

The Balancing Act a leading morning in the USA interviewed Sure Aqua regardingour amazing life saving products.

“Community Water Tower” with Drone

Sure Aqua built hundreds of water towers across India to rural communities where polluted water is extracted from wells or rivers.

We used a drone to make this video.

Indian Minister for Water inspects a Sure Aqua Community Water Tower

Indian’s Federal Ministrer for Water and Sanitation opens one of Sure Aqua’s Community Water Towers in rural India

Children washing and drinking at Maner(Patna)

For many children in this video, this is first time they have frunk polluted free water.

In this area, arsenic levels in water were 20 times the international acceptable level.

Sure Aqua Survival Jerrycan being distributed in Belgium

The Survival Jerrycan being demonstrated in Belgium by our local distributor

Indian Presentation at Trade Show

Garth Holloway a director Sure Aqua at a Trade Show in India

Partner & Distributor Videos

American Defense System

One of the largest Military suppliers in the USA, American Defense Systems created this video commercial specifically for the ared forces.

Sure Aqua Straw integrated into the Vapur Squeeze Bottle

Sure Aqua in collaboration with Vapur created this portable product for hikers.

The explorer Eric Larsen uses the product while on his expeditions.


Independent Reviews

Mr Backpackers YouTube Review

Mr Backpacker tests and reviews the SureAqua Bottle during hiking the desert where water is a premium.

SureAqua Straw Reviewed in the USA

A American dude reviews the Sure Aqua Straw using the water from a local storm water drain.

SureAqua Straw Reviewed in the Japan

The Sure Aqua poducts has been widely used in Japan.  A local has reviewed the product.

Sure Aqua Products reviewed by Shane in Rockhamption, Queenlsland

Shane for Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia reviewed the Sureaqua products.

Robert Ford Reviews Sure Aqua Straw

Robert Ford from the USA was very excited to undertake this review.  

My Children

My Children near the local creek

My children using the Sure Aqua products

Tymon, Kayne and Daniel drinking from the local creek

My kids using the Sure Aqua Straw in a local creek.

Sure Aqua Straw being used by Kayne

My son, Kayne aged 12, using the Survival Straw

Operational and Maintenance of Survival Jerrycan

Survival Jerrycan Backwash

This video shows how to backwash the Survival Jerrycan

Survival Jerrycan Operations in Hindi

A demonstration on how to use the Survival Jerrycan in Hindi.  Even without knowing Hindi, you are able to see how easy it is to use the product

Survival Jerrycan Backwash in Hindi

A demonstration on how to backwash the Survival Jerrycan in Hindi.  Even without knowing Hindi, you are able to see how easy it is to use the product

Survival Jerrycan Minor operation issues

Here are some basic instructions of how the Survival Jerrycan is assembled.  

With the constant use, at times you may need to adjust parts of the unit.

Dirty water from Community water Tower

The Community Water Tower is a community based water cleaning system designed for villages in 3rd world countries where they get water from wells or rivers.

The video shows the extract out of the systenm when it is maintained,

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