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Would You Use Harsh Water Tablets:
If There Were a Safer Alternative?

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, a component of some water purification tablets, is the same substance used for disinfecting swimming pools. While in water tablet form it is diluted, warnings include ‘irritating to eyes and respiratory system’ ‘harmful’ ‘burns’ ‘sore throats’ ‘contact with acids liberates toxic gas’ etcetera. While its warning ‘harmful to aquatic organisms, is a crucial reason for using this compound in water tablets, and while there are instances when it or a similar compound simply must be used, why would you if you didn’t have to?

On most occasions when you’re traveling, your need is for more general yet thorough, water purification turning the third world municipal tap water into safe drinking water and ensuring that clear flowing stream or pond water doesn’t pass on any dangerous pathogens.

On these occasions, the chemical armory of a water purifying tablet can include tongue twisters such as sodium carboxy-methylcellulose, polyacrylamide, sodium carbonate, and aluminum sulfate, which could be sheer overkill when a Sure Aqua chemical-free water filter will do the job perfectly.

Water purifying tablets often come with advice to use in the short term only and include a warning to “Keep Out of Reach of Children,” whereas, with Sure Aqua, we want kids to love using our water drinking straws, and because each water straw is chemical-free, they can.

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