Emergency Supplies – What are your water needs

Emergency Supplies – Need to consider your drinking water needs

Natural disasters seem to be more and more common, so if you live in an area prone to floods, tsunamis, bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes or tornados you’ll want to make sure you have the necessary emergency supplies to protect you and your family.

Keep your emergency supplies in a secure, easy-to-access place. Although it might seem tempting to put them away somewhere where they are out of the way, you don’t want to be climbing up to the attic if the roof is being blown off. Go for a kitchen or laundry cupboard and have a basic survival kit stored somewhere else just in case.

In an emergency, it’s likely that you’ll require several basic emergency tools. Swiss Army Knives and multitools are extremely handy emergency tools and can be shoved into your pocket if you need to evacuate. It’s good to keep a brightly coloured tarpaulin or several brightly coloured garbage bags close by in case you need to attract attention.

A heat source is another essential to your emergency supplies. Having at least one reflective aluminium blanket is a good idea: they fold up into a very small package, are warm, fire resistant and are a good way of signalling for attention. Light, woollen blankets and a portable camping stove are also good emergency tools.

 Of course, non-perishable food is an absolute must in any emergency supplies cupboard. A good guide is to have enough food to last your family for 14 days. Canned foods are always good (make sure you have an extra can opener), as are dehydrated camping meals. Dehydrated camping meals can offer nutritional value that canned foods can’t and usually only require hot water to rehydrate. Even though the your foods are non-perishable, it’s a good idea to rotate your food supplies every year or so to make sure it’s fresh enough to eat in case of an emergency.

Water is extremely important, and all emergency supplies should include access to water and a good supply of water filtration devices for various situations. In many emergencies, the water supply can be cut off or become highly polluted. Investing in a few purification methods can offer peace of mind and ensure your family is safe no matter what the emergency. 

The SureAqua product range is a great emergency tool for most emergencies as it provides portable, potable, purified drinking water as you need it. The SureAqua aw is an ultra-portable option, which is a good idea to keep in your emergency supplies cupboard in case you need to evacuate and cannot carry water with you. The SureAqua products give you the freedom to drink from any water source and not get sick. It is also vital that you don’t forget to store some water in case your water supply gets cut off. The SureAqua Lab is a great storage device because it also acts as a water filter in case you need to grab it and run.

Any disaster can take you away from your home, so it’s vital to keep some basic form of shelter in your emergency supplies kit. A lightweight tent is best, but you could even make do with a sizeable tarpaulin, some sting, and some pegs.

Of course, one rarely considers that communication would ever be an issue in an emergency. However, if your mobile phone and computer break down (perish the thought) you won’t just be able to send a text or log onto Facebook and ask your friends to come and find you. Instead, you’ll need some old-school methods of communication in your emergency supplies kit. Emergency tools like a whistle, mirror, flare, compass, pencil, and paper are essential to any emergency supplies kit. With these, you can help rescuers to find you even if all technology breaks down.

Of course, a basic first-aid kit and sanitary products are also vital emergency supplies.



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