How Are Reusable Filters Safer than Bottled Water?

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Good question – after all, haven’t we always been advised to drink bottled water as the best source of filtered water in or away from home? Why should we need water purifiers with or without reusable filters?

Why Bottled Water Is Not the Answer

“Purified water” sold in bottles has steadily become a significant, growing environmental hazard and a potential health risk. Are you startled by that statement? If you are, it’s not surprising, given the advertising to the contrary in what is a US$35 billion “pure water “industry.

Environmental impact includes the 4 liters (1.05 gallons) of drinking water, 90g of oil, and 62g of carbon emissions to manufacture just one 1-liter plastic water bottle. On top of this comes the impact of transportation and often global export of up to 45 billion bottles, the 33 million tonnes of discarded plastic that will finish up in landfills, and the uncounted mass that pollutes our waterways and green space. Even though they are ‘reusable’, water bottles less than 1/3 are recycled.

Health concerns stem from a number of authorities, including the World Health Organization warning for bacterial contamination, and from the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council). The NRDC tested 1,000 bottles of water across 103 brands of bottled water. Far from being uniformly pure, over 30 brands – 333 bottles out of 1,000 – were contaminated with bacteria and synthetic organic chemicals, and one brand was found to have traces of arsenic above legal limits.

Why Sure Aqua Products are the Healthier, Eco-Friendly Answer

Environmentally friendly, low-cost Sure Aqua water filtration products were providing pure, clean water on the go whether you’re traveling across the state or around the world.

Sure Aqua Corp portable water purifiers are ideal for travel anywhere in the world as they filter out dangerous protozoa and water-based bacteria found in many foreign countries using an ultra-fine micro-filtration or ultra-filtration membrane, depending on the product chosen. Even for those who love backpacking, the Sure Aqua products are the perfect product for backpacking water filters to make sure you have clean drinking water at all times.

An accredited laboratory has tested and approved all the products in the Sure Aqua range. These water purifying products give ideal water treatment systems for removing harmful micro-organisms, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia, both major causes of gastrointestinal illness in travelers.

Sure Aqua are non-chemical water purification devices. Therefore they carry none of the risks potentially associated with the chemical-based products, and they are entirely safe to use long-term, as opposed to iodine-based products.
The manufacture of Sure Aqua products generates significantly fewer emissions than the manufacture of bottled water. In purchasing Sure Aqua products, the manufacturing consideration, along with the waste aspect of plastic bottles, is also reducing your carbon footprint.

For safe, hygienic water purifiers, with the price-cutting convenience of reusable filters, you can’t go past a Sure Aqua water purifying device.




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