How to be Smart and Keep Healthy on Indian Vacation

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“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac

I/dropcap]n many ways, India is the ultimate travelers’ destination. The culture is rich, the food is delicious, and the polluted streets bustle with life. It is one of the most diverse, spiritual, and historical countries on Earth.  Here some travel tips to use on tour Indian vacation

How to keep healthy on your Indian Vacation

The key to having a positive experience is making sure you have what you need to keep healthy in India. To avoid coming down with the notorious Delhi Belly, make sure you have a reliable method of water purification with you. Don’t rely on bottled water because India has severe problems with pollution, and bottled water can be challenging to ascertain in many areas. Most bottled water is not what you think it is!. It’s also imperative to make sure everything you eat is well-cooked, as dirty residue water can make you seriously ill.

Almost 60% of first-time visitors get some kind of illness when traveling through India.

The sewage system is sub-par, to say the least, so to keep healthy on your Indian vacation, aim to make it to a restaurant or hotel when you really need to go. Coming into contact with untreated sewage can cause severe illness and transmit diseases.

This is all well and good while you’re there, but before you head off on your India holiday, make sure you’ve got the following things sorted to make sure you can keep healthy in India:

Be Emotionally Prepared for your Indian Holiday

Even though India is a fantastic vacation destination, there are several aspects that can be very disturbing. These include:

  1. The abject poverty, extremely poor, with shanty towns everywhere,
  2. The number of beggars in the street
  3. The piles of rubbish scattered in the streets, rivers,
  4. The sick looking dogs roaming the streets
  5. The sewage on the streets,

Indian Vacation Preparation

Insurance. If your India holiday goes pear-shaped and you need to flee to get medical assistance because of a family emergency or for some other reason, at least it won’t be out of your pocket.

Bring your meds. Don’t rely on being able to pick up more prescription medication in India. Have enough with you to last until you reach the following Western country. Oh, and of course, if you have any aspirations whatsoever to keep healthy in India, bring a first-aid kit.

Get your lady bits sorted. Pads and tampons can be very hard to come by and the absence of them could definitely dampen your India holiday. Birth control is legal and accessible in India, but make sure you have a sufficient amount if you a reliant on a particular brand.

Bring at least two rolls of toilet paper with you. Unless, of course, you want to do as many locals do and use your hand.

If you’re going to go to India, be mentally prepared to deal with poverty, corruption, and pollution on an unimaginable scale. For the unseasoned traveler, the hardest thing about an Indian holiday is dealing with immense poverty. Every day in many parts of India, you will see children, families, the elderly, and the disabled living on the streets begging for food or money in order to survive.

How to manage beggers?

Even for the seasoned traveler, the most challenging thing about an Indian vacation is seeing how much more vast the poverty is in India compared to other places you may have been. Don’t be afraid to give to beggars, but set a budget for how much to give per day. To avoid being chased or robbed by an entire gaggle of people, never give too much to any one person. However, bear in mind that it can be enormously satisfying to know that you’re giving to the people during your India holiday and gaining a stronger connection with the country.

Be Prepared for Indian Vacation

While some places are better to travel to others on an India holiday, be prepared to be somewhat flexible on your itinerary so you can make the most of your India holiday. Make adjustments to your plans when you make great connections with people or places.

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