Water Portable, Potable, Palatable

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We’re not all Superman. Carrying 15kg of bottled water with you whenever you go somewhere without access to safe drinking water isn’t a feasible option for most of us. If you’re planning to go camping, hiking, or holidaying, you’ll need a way to create portable water. Of course, water isn’t really a very portable thing, but if you have access to any water at all, you can make sure you have a method of water purification and a vessel to store it in.

There are several methods of water purification that fail to be portable, potable, AND palatable. 

Of course, the traditional method of water purification is to boil all your water. However, although boiling water means you don’t have to carry it, you do have to carry equipment like a billy and an electric stove. Boiling water limits you to small amounts is slow and often leaves you having to drink hot water on a hot day. You’ll also need to carry a water bottle with you in order to have somewhere to store it. Although it may be potable and palatable, boiling water is quite an ineffective way of creating portable water.

Another popular method that fails to meet the Sure Aqua test for portable, potable, palatable water is to carry water purification tablets. Water purification tablets are light, so they do provide portable water. They use chemicals like iodine to kill bacteria, so although they might not be great for your health, they are potable because they make the water safe to drink. However, water purification tablets fail when it comes to being palatable: even when they try to mask it with strong, sweet flavors like pineapple or orange, water purification tablets usually make water taste terrible.

The only option to create portable, potable, palatable water is to invest in a portable water filter. The Sure Aqua Bottle is a good option for most people. It has a water filter built into the bottle, so it is an idyllic option for portable water. The bottle removes 99.9999% of bacteria, making it potable. And unlike many other water purification methods, Sure Aqua portable water filters don’t use any harsh chemicals, so they create clean, palatable water.

However, don’t worry if the bottle isn’t quite what you’re after: Sure Aqua has a portable water product to suit your needs. The Sure Aqua Survival Straw is perfect for those who are traveling lightly. The Sure Aqua Pak  is a great option if you want to incorporate a portable water device into your luggage. The portable water filter is built into the lining of the backpack, so there’s no way you can forget or lose it. Last but certainly not least in the Sure Aqua portable water range is the Sure Aqua Jerry Can. The Survival Jerry Can store 18.5 liters of water but is still portable—perfect for all the car campers out there.




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