10 Reasons to Drink Ionized Alkaline Water

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Why Choose Ionized Alkaline Water over the Alternatives?

WWater is the most common element on Earth and an essential component of life; of course, not all options are created equal. Less than 2/3 of the world’s most abundant resource is considered safe for consumption, and with freshwater contamination being a growing worldwide concern, this supply is rapidly dwindling. Despite numerous pollutants making their way into lakes and streams, several solutions are available.  In working with water over the years we have seen the amazing properties of water around the world.  One that was amazing was ionize alkaline water.   We have seen the difference when people have drank this type of water over a period of time.  This article goes into some depth of the benefits.  I hope you will enjoy our findings.

Hidden Dangers

Thousands of potentially harmful substances are present in tap water as well as its various bottled counterparts. These range from bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella to rotavirus and other similar microscopic hazards are known to cause severe illness and even death. Numerous chemicals also seep into groundwater, including:

Pesticides: Hexachlorobenzene and DDT are among the most prevalent of these and have been linked to cellular mutations leading to cancer development.

Mercury: One of the metals to which exposure should be highly limited, mercury has been found to trigger specific negative psychological episodes.

Lead: Also a toxic metal, lead can cause nervous system disorders, brain damage, and circulatory problems.

Arsenic: Trace amounts of this well-known poison have been detected in water supplies in almost every region of the world.

Chlorine: While this chlorine chemical offers purification and sanitation benefits and is widely used in water treatment facilities, overexposure can lead to respiratory issues and skin, eye, and mucous membrane inflammation. This is typically the only contaminant readily noticeable in tap water due to its noxious odor and distinct flavor.

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Patrica Rommel

These are only a few of the most common dangers lurking in the water we consume every day. Though minuscule amounts are said to be safe for consumption, some build up in the system repeatedly and cause significant health issues. Fatigue could be considered the least disconcerting of these, but the possibly resulting ailments only grow worse from that point.

What can be done about this?

Before society as a whole went synthetic, none of this was indeed an issue. Water made its way through soil and rocks, and carbon acted as an all-natural filter, effectively removing most of the elements to be avoided.

Even though this system provided by Mother Earth remains in place, poisonous automotive fluids, previously mentioned chemicals, heavy metals, various industrial cleansers, and even prescription medications leech into the groundwater.

Public water treatment facilities exacerbate the matter with chlorine and other substances added for sanitation purposes. Water picks up additional organisms and metals on its way through pipelines to the taps in our homes and businesses.

Standard whole-house filtration systems and those installed directly on faucets certainly play a positive role in all this by removing some of the hazardous factors before consumption.

“Took the Sure Aqua Water pump on a Scout Hike with 15 boys and girls. It was so good not to carry so much water. The scouts are only allowed to carry 20% of their body weight.  Not much! It was great, so the kids were able to carry food and tents rather than lbs of water.”

George P, Westmead, Scout Leader

So, what’s the Problem?

Even the least expensive filter installation is fully capable of removing viruses, bacteria, and some chemicals from tap water. Their ability to remove chlorine is evident due to the extreme changes in taste and smell post-filter. The real problem lies in the fact those systems aren’t selective.

In the process of removing harmful elements, typical filters also eliminate those we need in our daily diets, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, to name a few. At the same time, some systems also add sodium, which is a contributing factor in high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Some might say this is a lateral move, but an alternative is readily available.

ionized alkaline water

Alkaline Water

Straight out of the tap, water is essentially neutral with a pH level of 7. Once sent through a standard filter, its pH decreases, making it slightly more acidic than normal. This could potentially contribute to a number of health problems, including obesity, certain forms of cancer.

Alzheimer’s, and premature aging.

The alkalinity of water can be increased in a couple of basic ways. First of all, adding simple baking soda to a glass or bottle of plain H20 makes it more alkaline. Adding supplements comprised of calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and other essential minerals also leaves it more alkaline. Still, a noteworthy difference exists between increasing alkalinity through these methods and doing so via ionization.

Ionizing water aids in reversing health risks by reducing acidity, bringing the pH level of basic water above 7. This process also reintroduces necessary minerals otherwise removed by typical purification systems. All these are vital to healthy bone and muscle development along with brain and nervous system function. Still, the electrolysis factor gleaned from ionization actually produces the many benefits soon to be discussed.

ionized water

10 Significant Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water

Water alone is free of calories, fat, sugar, sodium, caffeine, and all the other aspects health-conscious individuals make every attempt to avoid. Once harmful bacteria, viruses, and chemical agents are removed, it becomes even healthier, yet this essential beverage holds so much more potential. Increasing alkalinity using an ionization process brings out a heightened level of advantages.

1.  Reduction of Water Clustering

Clustering, as the name indicates, entails several molecules of water bonding to one another. This occurs naturally in our bodies as we age, but it also takes place in bottled water over time. Though not inherently dangerous, clustering prevents individual H2O molecules from permeating cells as thoroughly as they should, resulting in less effective hydration. Ionization breaks apart those clusters, providing better cell penetration.

2.  Slowing of Oxidation

Oxidation affects everything we see though it is more evident in some instances than others. Vehicles begin to rust where their paint is compromised, unsealed wood fences crack and warp, and potatoes take on a brownish hue after being peeled. All this is due to oxidation. Human cells are also subject to this process, leading to advanced signs of aging both visible and on the inside. Ionization increases the Oxidation Reduction Potential of average tap water, possibly delaying the effects of cellular degeneration.

3.  Improved Digestive System Functionality

While stomach acids and those present in the intestines are crucial to proper digestion, excessive acidity can lead to ulcers, IBS flair-ups, reflux, and numerous other issues. The ionized alkaline water aids in restoring homeostasis to the digestive system without reducing necessary acids to an extreme extent.

4.  Battling Obesity

Obesity has additionally been linked to high levels of acid. The body stores more significant amounts of fat in an attempt to protect cells from the detrimental effects of too much acidity, making weight loss more difficult than the norm. Increasing alkalinity through the consumption of ionized water can help more effectively shed excess fat.

“I have gone for a hiking trip every year, and one thing I have learned over time is the importance of a portable water purifier.”

Scott, Boston

5.  Increasing Metabolism

While metabolism is commonly linked to weight loss, the term’s true definition describes it as natural processes occurring within an organism to maintain life. This actually relates to the body’s ability to process foods and beverages consumed and transform them into energy. Less acidity raises the metabolism, and though this makes weight loss a bit easier, it also leads to improved overall health by allowing the body to absorb more nutrients.

6.  Fighting Free Radicals

Free radicals bombard us on a daily basis. They lurk in the air we breathe due to industrial and automotive emissions and permeate our freshwater supplies, but they are also found in the foods we eat. At the same time, our bodies generate free radicals as by-products of processing everything we consume. The added minerals, along with the charged molecules afforded by ionized alkaline water, aid in removing free radicals while possibly reversing their previous effects on the body.

7.  Thwarting Diabetes

Although this benefit could be attributed to the previously touched upon cell damage prevention and regeneration aspects of ionization concerning the pancreas, certain studies indicate a deeper connection. Some experts believe lowered blood sugar levels and improved glucose tolerance result from the metabolism facet of increased alkalinity.

8.  Reduced Risk of Cancer

The aforementioned free radicals are responsible for considerable cellular damage and mutation. Since ionized alkaline water aids in reversing this damage, its consumption could lower the likelihood of developing cancer caused by abnormal cell growth and metastasization of already existing cancerous cells.

9. More Youthful Appearance

Free radicals and oxidation are responsible for organ degeneration and cell damage internally and externally. Those processes play a crucial role in reducing collagen and elastin production as we age and render the skin unable to retain moisture as it once did. Alkaline water, having also been electrolyzed, enhances hydration and moisture reservation while slowing the effects of free radicals, potentially helping to maintain younger-looking skin.

10   Strengthened Immunity

Above-average acid levels weaken all the body’s internal systems, whereas slowed metabolism and cellular damage reduce our capacity to absorb beneficial nutrients in the foods we eat. As ionized alkaline water improves both these aspects, it can provide greater immunity from both ends of the spectrum.

“Never again will I leave my portable water filter behind after I spent a straight 5 hours in a toilet in India.”

Christina, Wellington

What Makes Ionizing Alkaline Filters Different?

These systems initially operate on the same principles as standard filtration options with one significant difference: following removal of harmful elements, water is then alkalized and ionized before reaching the tap. This is possible through the use of a mineral known as Tourmaline. Touted for centuries for its physical and emotional healing capabilities, this stone holds a unique property essential to the process of enhancing plain water.

This particular stone is believed to be the only one on the planet with a permanent electrical charge. Even when reduced from its larger form to coarse granules, those smaller pieces retain both a positive and negative electrode. This feature allows minerals to be incorporated back into filtered water as well as increasing its pH levels

ionized alkaline water and its benefits

Final Word about Ionized Alkaline Water

Ionization is critical to producing the health benefits associated with alkaline water. While traditional larger-scale systems are available for alkalizing and ionizing water directly from the tap, these are also available for personal water bottles. This gives health-conscious individuals the freedom of enjoying all water’s potential benefits regardless of where they may be.




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