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Going Overseas on a lifetime adventure needs some Planning

This suggested Travel Plan Preparation Schedule Check List is based on the extensive experience of traveling abroad. This has worked for us for many years and has reduced the stress and unexpected surprises. It has helped us enjoy the complete journey from thinking about the trip, the actual trip, and the long-term memories. I am sure this will help you.

Suggested Travel Plan Preparation Check List

12 -16 weeks from trip date

  • Research trip (use your travel agent as a resource as well as the web)
  • Prepare a budget for daily expenses
  • Check for travel restrictions and warnings about destinations
  • Check on local customs and cultural awareness
  • Have medical checks before booking a trip to make sure you are fit for travel
  • Check Passports are up to date
  • Organize travel insurance
  • Arrange visa’s for proposed destination
  • Book travel, tours, and accommodation
  • Pack your bag to see what else you need.  See our Tavel Packing List 

8-10 weeks from trip date

  • Vaccinations
  • Ask a Travel doctor for tips to stay healthy while traveling
  • Arrange with the doctor to acquire sufficient prescription medication for the trip
  • Confirm that medication is allowed to be taken in a foreign country
  • Research credit card/debit card/traveler’s cheques, what suit your needs best
  • Arrange for global roaming for your mobile phone.

2-3 weeks from trip date

  • Check travel and insurance arrangements
  • Check you have all items on the packing list
  •  Let your friends and neighbors know you are on vacation
  •  Arrange maintenance of your home if away for long periods, e.g., mow the lawn
  •  Give a copy of your itinerary to a family member/friend
  •  Arrange mail to be redirected or picked up on a daily basis
  •  Prepare any additional medication
  •  Organize for pets to be looked after
  • Purchase a basic first aid kit
  •  Consider purchasing a mobile phone in the country of destination if you are there for prolonged periods.

1 Week from trip date

  • Inform authorities of destinations etc
  • Make sure have a camera ready and working (Test it, spare battery)
  • Have a going-away party!
  • Have a Berroca

2-1 days from trip date

  • Check flight is still going
  • Organize transport to the airport
  • Pack Luggage
  • On the day of the trip
  • Lock up your home and leave keys with a friend
  • Ring Airline to confirm flights

Things not to do while on Vacation

If no one is at home, don’t post any images on Facebook or Instagram (unless it’s a private group), and this may be an invite for home intruders

Things to do while on Vacation

Have fun


I hope the Travel schedule helps you towards enjoying the complete experience from the time you decide to do on holidays to the time you come home.

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