Three Top Reasons why you should drink more water in your day

Three Top Reasons why you should drink more water in your day


Almost every slow news day involves a bulletin on the next greatest health drug available. Be it a tablet to aid weight loss or an energy drink to get you through the day, and people are ready to part with their hard-earned dollars for this claimed shortcut. Most of them don’t tell to drink more water.

Unfortunately for them, the best wonder ‘drug’ is already available to them and is waiting for them to turn their tap on. Water is the best way to combat most of life’s day-to-day struggles and doesn’t require a credit card to obtain. 

Drinking More Water Promotes Weight Loss

Ever worked out really hard but left the gym feeling full after consuming your liter bottle of water?  Well, imagine you did that next time you’re watching a movie and reach for a bag of chips. Not only is it this practical effect, but water also speeds up your metabolism and helps get you active.

Drink More Water

Sensational for your internal body organs

Most of us, including me, don’t consistently drink sufficient water every day. 

Since our body is around 80% water, we need to continuously replenish it. Our bodies need to be continually be flushed out.  Not until recently, I was informed by the doctor of the importance to be kept very well hydrated.  It heats to reduce the stress on our heart.  Being dehydrated makes our heart work harder due to the blood be “thicker.” 


Great for your skin

Creams and moisturizers are great products, but they are often catching the problem when it is too late. Our skin grows in layers, so any applied medication can only fix the outside layers, which are soon to fall off. It makes sense to aid the skin as it is growing from the inside, and drinking water is the best way to make sure our complexion stays youthful.  Drink more water will help your skin.

Immune system and pain relief

Panadol and Codral make up most people’s medicine cupboards during the winter months. Getting sick is the worst part of the cold, and it can very easily be prevented before you have to buy all those expensive remedies. Water makes up most of our brain and body, so it is essential to keep your engine operating smoothly during your day. Dehydration is the cause of many day-to-day ailments and can easily be prevented by working an extra glass or two of water into your daily routine.

Drink more water will save you money

The full benefits of water and which diseases it may prevent are still being fully discovered, but that shouldn’t prevent you from consuming it now. It isn’t a prescription drug that needs to be bought, with a risk of wasting money.

Water is free, it covers most of our planet, and we are taking one of our most significant resources for granted. There are many rules of thumb about how many glasses should be consumed over a day, but any amount will benefit you in the long run. In the end, it is risk-free and going to help you enjoy your life, even more when you have some extra dollars at the end of the week.

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Why Do You Need the Best Travel Water Bottle In Your Travel Kit?

Why Do You Need the Best Travel Water Bottle In Your Travel Kit?

Why Do You Need A Travel Water Bottle In Your Travel Kit? Many Reasons…

As we said in another post here on travel water bottles, a smart traveler always carries his travel kit around whenever he/she is on vacation within his country or abroad. One of the things that you must have in the travel kit is your water bottle.

You can be forgiven for leaving anything else behind, but not the water bottle. Traveling is a thirsty experience. Considering the sweating and urination, which tend to increase with anxiety and excitement, you know you will need a lot of water.

Why carry your own travel water bottle?

  • Store-bought water is no good. The claims of it being 100% pure are mostly a marketing gimmick. You cannot trust it.
  • The quality of the water in developing countries is questionable.
  • You may run out of bottled water and thus have to filter more of your own. Having a SureAqua bottle, which is also a filter, makes it possible for you to have clean and safe drinking water whenever you want.
  • It is a travel water bottle, meaning that it is easy to carry around. It also has a good grip for the hand and can fit snugly in your rucksack or emergency kit if you travel for a hiking or camping vacation.
  • It is made with a spill-free mouth so that you can filter and drink water straight from it.
  • The SureAqua bottle is used widely in the world and has been issued to armies.

The technology behind the SureAqua bottle

As the most trusted global brand for on-the-go water purification, the portable filter is made with the latest technology to ensure that you have a quick fix to your water problem.
It is made to filter the physical impurities in water and get rid of chemicals, odors, and heavy metals to make filtered water the safest to drink. Even if you buy store water, you can just pour it into the best travel water bottle with filter for travel it as an extra safety measure.

If you use the SureAqua bottle, travelers’ diarrhea, which affects millions of vacationers every year, will not get to you. This bottle is a modern weapon against bacteria, viruses, protozoa, heavy metals, foul odors, and other contaminants. Show love to yourself and your family and avoid tragedy when on vacation. Try it today, and you will never be disappointed.

Did you know that a small thing like a crucial component of a travel kit can make or break your long-awaited trip?

The type of travel water bottle you carry will determine if your trip will be spent on frequent visits to the local drug store and in the toilet or on enjoying the breathtaking wonders of Mother Nature.

Remember, you should always make your travel kit as light as possible. Never carry around heavy and unnecessary contents.

SureAqua has the ultimate travel water bottle

Staying hydrated should be your top priority whenever you are on vacation. We are in an era of frequent heatwaves.

Be a smart traveler – carry a portable water filter! The SureAqua bottle is the perfect choice for you and your family. Here are the reasons why:

  • It is a cheap but high-quality product.
  • The water bottle can filter up to 500 liters of water.
  • You can use it for more than 10 years without it failing.
  • It has an ultrafiltration membrane that wipes out the tiniest of the bacteria and harmful viruses present in spring waters, bottled water, and tap water.
  • Water can have a characteristic odor that is not pleasant. The patented purifying media in the SureAqua bottle eliminates odors. The purifying media also suck out any harmful excess chemical content in the water to ensure that you stay healthy.
  • Nobody needs bad-tasting water. You do not need to worry – SureAqua will take care of this problem for you. It will restore the natural good taste of the water!
Plus, you can get your SureAqua bottle today: simply CLICK HERE to order.

More and More Smart Traveler’s are taking action

Join the growing number of smart travelers who have made the travel water bottle a definite addition to their travel kit.

It is such an embarrassing and potentially life-threatening thing to run out of water while traveling. In your desperate attempt to stay hydrated, you can easily settle for carbonated drinking water, bottled water, or tap water.

Do you know that such a move can be fatal, especially if you are in a foreign land?

Why go through all this trouble? You are better than that. You are a smart traveler, and savvy travelers are always prepared.

“My husband and I shared his portable water bottle when we went for a hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains last year. We always had fresh water.”
Melissa and Dave, Pierre, South Dakota

Backpack water bottle
Every smart traveler has a SureAqua bottle. They never get disappointed. While everybody else in the travel team may be at a loss when the water supply runs out, the ones with their portable water filters are looked at as leaders who will be able to take care of the group and avert tragedy.

Be the person who is always prepared and can help your peers in times of need. CLICK HERE to order your own SureAqua portable water filter and stay on top of the game! Become a hero!

Why is it Imperative that you add a Travel Water Bottle to your Travel Kit?

To know the answer, you first have to learn these quick facts about carbonated water, tap water, and bottled water.

Water bottled with filter for travel in most developing countries is just tap water in a colorful package. They bear the same risk as tap water. In addition, the bottled water labeled ‘Spring Water’ is the worst of them all. How sure can you be that the spring water was not just fetched from the contaminated springs?

My take is that you should not ever trust what a marketer tells you unless you can ascertain the facts. When it comes to matters of a product that you will consume, you can never be too careful.

  • Tap water can come from old rusty pipes that harbor deadly bacteria, harmful viruses, and other fatal microbes. Have you ever stopped thinking about the last time the pipes have had a check-up were done? While some of the pipes are decades old, you will be amazed by the health risks they pose to you and your family.
  • Carbonating the water is just done to create an appealing effect, nothing else. It is a marketing strategy companies use to attract consumers who love doing things differently.

From a health perspective, water carbonation is as harmful as any other chemically treated water. Remember that chemicals are added to the carbonated water to bring out the effect and fizzy taste. At the extreme, some of the additives have been known to cause deadly diseases such as cancer! Scary, isn’t it?

Your life depends on the Travel Water Bottle

Your life is precious, and so is that of your family members. It is upsetting and disappointing to break for a relaxing vacation only to spend days or even months trying to recover from preventable afflictions.

When you go on a hiking trip, you will definitely need to take extra care not to spend any of your vacation time lying down on a hospital bed due to an E.coli infection. Beware of Bali Belly, Delhi Belly, and other infections that affect travelers who visit the third world and developing countries.

“Never again will I leave my portable water filter behind after I spent a straight 5 hours in a toilet in India.”
Christina, Wellington

All of the risks mentioned above will be history if you add the SureAqua bottle to your travel kit! Just think of how much you will save on hospital bills if you purchase the water bottle for a small price. Besides, bacterial and viral diseases tend to recur, and so prevention is better than cure.

Final Say

Show care and love for your family. Make your travel season free of diseases by updating your travel kit. CLICK HERE to purchase the SureAqua travel water bottle. It is a worthy investment, and you will never regret it.

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Travel Water Bottle Keeps you SAFE when travelling abroad

Travel Water Bottle Keeps you SAFE when travelling abroad

Can a Travel Water Bottle Keep you Safe Abroad?

One of the main concerns for many people when traveling abroad is whether the water will be safe to drink. A travel water bottle with an inbuilt water purifier is your solution for clean drinking water when you are out of your country. If you frequently travel either within your own country or to different parts of the world, getting uncontaminated water is sheer luck. Your health is too important to risk drinking unpurified water.

Whether or not you frequently travel either within your own country or to different parts of the world, getting uncontaminated drinking water is sheer luck. Your health is too important to risk drinking unfiltered and unpurified water. WHAT IS YOUR PRICE?

All travelers have one problem in common– the lack of purified, safe drinking water! More importantly, the lack of confidence to access clean, safe, drinkable water. Statistics show that more than 50% of diseases worldwide are related to contaminated water.

More than half of all the people who visit international holiday destinations go back home suffering from a waterborne disease. When traveling, you can never assume that the drinking water is safe. You will need a good Travel Water Bottle– one that has both a purifier and filtration system so that you can cleanse your own water.

Overseas Travel water bottle

Can you really have safe drinking water on the go?

Yes! Why risk your health with unsafe drinking water when you can have the cleanest and safest water whenever you desire it?


  1. You can get our water bottle with a built-in water purifier – a product that has been tried, tested, and proven in the market. Being tested by governments and militaries around the world. So confident is SureAqua that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee
  2. Get your water purified from all manner of contamination, including bacteria, odors, tastes, and even viruses! Clean water does not have to be costly! You will find our SureAqua bottle very affordable.
  3. Don’t be a statistic. For example, many people develop a condition called Bali Belly when they go to Asia. This condition can be easily avoided. Just drink water that you have purified yourself with your own convenient SureAqua bottle.
  4. “I take bottled water with me”… really! Just as you can only be certain that you are eating healthy when you make your own food, you can only really be sure that your water is safe when you have purified it yourself. Otherwise, it could be a marketing gimmick for water packaging companies when they claim their water is 100% pure. It’s better to err on the side of caution. Purify your own water.

Purify your own water on the go!

In some instances, the water might look palatable, but it may contain some microorganisms that could cause you a lot of harm. The SureAqua Bottle has been designed with a purifier, meaning that you can purify any water irrespective of its level of contamination (of course within reasonable parameters) as long as you first pass it through the filters in this water bottle. This travel water bottle is the only assurance for your health when traveling abroad.

Bottled water that you buy from the stores is not 100% safe. Thus, the only way to be sure that you are drinking safe water as you travel is to purify your own water with a portable water travel bottle.

Why should you be concerned about the water you drink?

As mentioned earlier, waterborne diseases are the most frequently diagnosed ailments. Water pollution is prevalent everywhere in the world, and even rainwater is not clean. Water sources often contain various known and unknown contaminants.

Even bottled water is not safe!

That is the truth! Most of the time, bottled water is nothing more than glorified tap water that has been given minimal treatment, but there are some viruses and other microorganisms that can only be destroyed by extreme heat.

To say the least, you can never be sure that you are drinking purified water. Particularly in third-world countries, bottled water is just that…tap water that has been bottled and then sold at ridiculously low prices.

What are some of the common pollutants in water?

They include bacteria such as Salmonella typhi, parasites, viruses, heavy metals, and chemicals. The presence of chemicals and heavy metals in water is undetectable. You are unlikely to spot lead, mercury, or any other harmful chemicals in water without the aid of a microscope.

This is why it is essential to purify water before drinking. When you are in a foreign land, somewhere in the mountains, or on the outskirts of a central town where bottled water is unavailable, you may be tempted to drink any water available. This can be very harmful to your health.

However, with our portable water travel bottle with a purifier, you can drink any water wherever you are without the fear of catching a waterborne disease.

Granted, the quality of the tap water in your country could be great, but you cannot say the same about other countries in Africa and Asia. As we have said, you cannot be too careful about your health.

Our water bottle is light and straightforward. It is convenient to travel with. It will pass through customs easily, and you really cannot afford to leave it behind. This simple, everyday necessity could mean the difference between health and illness in your travels to different parts of the world. You do not want illness to ruin your dream vacation or your exciting adventures to other countries.

What does the SureAqua Bottle Deliver?

Besides the safe of mind of drinking safe clean water. Knowing that you won’t get sick from the water you are drinking. Besides knowing that you will get to enjoy your holiday, the SureAqua Bottle will:


  1. The travel water bottle has an advanced purifier, which can remove 99.99% of all the impurities commonly found in water. It removes contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites, utilizing the ultra-filtration process.
  2. The water is passed via filter membranes, which permit water molecules to pass through while preventing the pollutants from passing through.
  3. The purifier in the water bottle comprises silver-impregnated carbon, which is capable of cleaning the taste, removing notorious heavy metals and chemicals.
  4. Of course, this water bottle will enable you to enjoy clean, portable filtered water wherever you go. This could well be the device of the 21st century as it affects human health directly. At last, man has the technology to conquer easily common ailments that infiltrate our water sources.

Tested and proven across the board

The SureAqua Bottle has been tested, tried, and proven to meet all industry standards.

This bottle has been designed with the long-distance traveler in mind. It is easy to fit in a backpack or to grip your hand. It is lightweight for ease of travel and convenience.

How to order your portable travel water bottle

With all this information in mind, you can understand why the SureAqua Bottle with its purifier is so important for your health and peace of mind.


Sure Aqua Bottle Design Features

It is not designed to carry a lot of water, but it is created to enable you to have filtered and clean water for drinking whenever you need it. The filter can remove contaminants of all kinds such as chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria, as well as odors and bad tastes whether you are camping, traveling overseas, on a military.

The filter can remove contaminants of all kinds such as chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria as well as odors and bad tastes. Whether you are camping, traveling overseas, on a military mission, or you find yourself in a natural disaster area, the SureAqua bottle will ensure that you have safe water to drink.

The portable water travel bottle and purifier filter the water and make it safe for drinking in three steps. It begins by filtering out the soil sediments and any other foreign objects. This is followed by the aggressive removal of bacteria, viruses, and cysts. Finally, it removes the heavy metals, chemicals, foul odors, and tastes. By the time the entire process is over, the water is thoroughly purified and safe for drinking.

Finally, it removes the heavy metals, chemicals, foul odors, and tastes. By the time the entire process is over, the water is fully purified and safe for drinking.

“We are lucky enough to travel. We have been ill a few times. Since we been using the SureAqua products we don’t get ill any more!”

Chris & the family

“Never again will I leave my portable water filter behind after I spent a straight 5 hours in a toilet in India.”

Christina, Wellington

Prolong the life of your SureAqua Bottle

It is certain that the SureAqua Bottle has high capabilities. You might be tempted to make it a multipurpose bottle or even try to stretch its functionalities. So, what must you avoid when using this travel water bottle to ensure that it lasts a long time?

DON’T put carbonated drinks or soda in the bottle. Most ordinary water bottles are multipurpose but not this one. It is designed for water only, and such beverages can destroy its filters.

DON’T try to filter seawater. This bottle is made for the pollution thresholds of fresh water and not the hard, salty water. Any attempt of this kind will strain the filters and quickly decrease their functionality.

DON’T tip the bottle up when drinking. The right way to hold it is in the upright position or with a small tilt of 45 degrees.


Your portable water travel bottle is covered by a warranty of one year. This covers all the defects that might have been caused by the manufacturer. You can find more about the warranty in the user manual or in our Warranty Page.

Given the care that such a wonderful solution to water purification problems deserves, the water bottle filters can last up to three years or more.

We also have a refund policy. This applies when the product we ship to you does not match your order or is damaged along the way. In such a case, we ensure that we deliver the right product. For more information about this portable purified water bottle, you are welcome to see our FAQ page.


Why take the risk with unpurified water? You can drink portable purified water wherever you go. For a one-off price, you can own your own SureAqua Bottle—the perfect solution for all illnesses caused by contaminated water.

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Avoiding Montezuma’s revenge while Traveling

Avoiding Montezuma’s revenge while Traveling

Can you afford not Traveling Without the best portable water filter bottle?

Get Ready for a Running Stomach if you don’t!

Are you traveling to some faraway place like Africa or Asia for your vacation?  You are ready;  your travel checklist is intact with everything you think you need to take with you in the emergency kit.

You are ready;  your travel checklist is intact with everything you think you need to take with you in the emergency kit. You have read about what ailments you should be vaccinated against.

Certainly, diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and so on are rampant in some parts of the world. But have you remembered Montezuma Revenge?


Don’t even know what that is?   Well, it is time to find out. It is one of the most common ailments—you might even call it a disaster—which affects travelers from the first world countries when they are traveling in third world and developing countries.

Thankfully, this is easy to avoid with a SureAqua filter bottle; it’s an amazing portable water purifier.

Did you know about these water-related ailments?

What is Montezuma’s Revenge?

Montezuma’s revenge is caused by food and water poisoning. It is also referred to as the traveler’s diarrhea. Yes, cholera—got your attention there now, didn’t I? While the term Montezuma originated from Mexico, you can get it anywhere in the third and second world where cholera is usually a major concern.

Traveler’s diarrhea is a serious disease that is not only waterborne but also leads to the devastating loss of water from your body.  From your travel plan, find out whether you will go to a country where you could contract cholera.

“SureAqua-Bottle is second thing I put in my suitcase, the first is my swimsuit”

Cathy - Southhampton

Bali Belly

Bali Belly

Another serious ailment that you could suffer from is Bali belly, so-called because most people from the Western world would suffer from it if they went to Bali thanks to contaminated water, food and fruit. However, you could suffer from Bali belly while visiting anywhere in Asia. One of the most common symptoms of this condition is a running stomach, and trust me it will run until you dry up and your skin is hanging in folds.

Delhi Belly

When getting your travel plan ready, remember that no matter how much water you carry from home, it will certainly run out. You get to India and due to the hot and humid climate, sooner or later you will be tempted to take a drink from the taps. Hopefully, your travel checklist contained water bottles.

And then the warning that your travel agent gave you flashes in your mind – DON’T DRINK TAP WATER! Your travel insurance probably won’t cover a disaster like the Delhi belly and even if it will believe me, water diarrhea is not an ailment that you want to experience unless you want to wear layers of diapers like an overgrown kid.

When your stomach starts running, you are in a state of emergency. No bush is safe from you!  You don’t want that, do you?

In case the dangers of water diarrhea have not sunk in yet, you should know that this emergency condition kills more than 5 million people every year, and—you guessed it—most of them are from developing countries. But contaminated water doesn’t know that you are from the West. It will eat you up and soon you will, unfortunately, be running from both ends.

“Just Sensational.. Why I didn’ I know about this product before!  It should be included in ever travel tour package”
Elizabeth K - US

If you have been to India and you have drunk water from a tap—no matter how little—unlike the locals who never seem to get affected by the water, it could be disastrous for you. Again, if you take too much water in one sitting, you could suffer from water poisoning. Too much water can be dangerous.

Traveling… Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Well, not with the scary title that I used to introduce this article. But then again, as I once heard an African say, you have to call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Say it like it is!

Every year, over 3.4 million people in the world die of water-related infections. Don’t be a number!  As you travel, you could pick up a case of Delhi belly—yes, it’s real! And no, same as food poisoning, this does not mean that someone poisons your water intentionally… well, unless you go making enemies right, left and center in your sojourns.

In your travel checklist

If you are a seasoned traveler, you start preparing in advance. In fact, you create a travel checklist so that you don’t leave anything behind. Unless you are going on a hiking vacation, not many people remember to include their water bottle. After all, they think they will find water wherever they are traveling to.

You need to pack your own means of water purification! No one can overemphasize this. It is important that you have your own means of cleansing the water you will drink when you travel. Thankfully, with one of the best water filters, you will be good to go!

There are many reasons why you should carry a portable water bottle in your emergency backpack, but let’s start with the fact that you will be able to avoid conditions like Bali belly, which could have you heaving out your tummy within less than 5 hours of drinking contaminated water. Here are some other reasons:

  • It is a portable water bottle. That means it is very convenient to take it around with you everywhere you go.
  • It is not just one of the best water purifiers, but it is built with patented water filtration technology that has been tried and tested on water from different sources.  By purifying your own water, you will be safe from diseases like Montezuma’s revenge. You see, where you find it hard to trust even the store-bought water, you can definitely trust
  • By purifying your own water, you will be safe from diseases like Montezuma’s revenge. You see, where you find it hard to trust even the store-bought water, you can definitely trust water that you have filtered on your own.
  • When going camping, you want to have your emergency essentials intact. Your kit must include the best water filter.
  • This water filter is reusable. You will find that it keeps intact for years, still giving as good a service as when you bought it.
  • It is not a mere water bottle. It is the best water bottle, with patented filtering and purification technology.

But I have travel insurance!

That is good, but have you asked your travel agent or insurance agent whether your travel insurance will cover ailments like Bali belly? Chances are that it doesn’t! Thus, you are practically on your own. However, fret not because, with the best water filters, you will be safe! If you are going on a trekking vacation, you need to have a survival kit and your portable water bottle must be one of the first items to go in the kit.

If you forget your water bottles, you will know you have Delhi belly when you:

  • Start experiencing cramps
  • Have nausea accompanied by vomiting
  • Have a rising temperature
  • Feel general weakness
  • Have diarrhea

Even one of the symptoms will make you miserable, so just imagine all of them combined! Don’t find yourself in that situation just because you forgot to carry one of the best water bottles that can allow you to enjoy purified water all the time—water that is free from E.coli. Even if you buy bottled water from the stores, don’t drink it right away. Pass it through the best water purifier first. That way, you can get rid of heavy metals, odors, and chemicals.

The best water filter bottle should be able to:

  • Get rid of bacteria from your water. You already have enough E.coli in your small intestines, no need to get more from water
  • Get rid of smells and odors
  • Get rid of chemicals and heavy metal traces
  • Whenever you are planning a vacation, survival kits come foremost in your list of items to buy. You must then pack the right items in your kit. You need to have a couple of water bottles.

Believe me, even if a volcano doesn’t rumble and erupt when you are in Indonesia, you still need to have an emergency kit with you. Once you know which areas your sojourns will take you from your travel plan, you will know what to carry in the survival kits.

For example, if your trip takes you away from the main cities, then your chances of contracting the E.coli are high and you could fall ill with traveler’s diarrhea. Don’t let that happen to you.

Don’t leave on your trip without the best water purifier if you love your life. In your travel checklist, you will need to include a few essential items and the best water filter is one of them.

” Had  a real close call.. the rest of my traveling companions got the ‘runs’  I didn’t.. A must-have travel product”

Tim K - from Oaklands


Although your small intestines have E.coli, this is also the culprit that causes food and water poisoning and could render you bed (or is it toilet) ridden with diarrhea in less than 4 hours. The only remedy to that is to have one of the best water filters in your emergency essentials. Do not leave home without a travel checklist and a GoFreshWater filter bottle in your emergency kit.

Myths & Facts about Water

Some myths and facts about water-related infections.

Myth: I hardly get thirsty, but when I do I drink water like a hog.

Fact: By the time you start feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. That is why your body is screaming for water. Woe to you if you have no water bottles in your emergency essentials when traveling.

Only people from developing countries die of water poisoning and related infections. I am immune to traveler’s diarrhea. I am from the West.

Fact: Bali belly affects most travelers who go to Asia. These are people from the Western


Myth: I cannot contract diarrhea. I washed my hands thoroughly.

Fact: Every year, more than 200,000 Americans are admitted to the hospital for diarrhea. Anyone can contract this disease.

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