What to Take on Your Next Trekking Adventure

What to Take on Your Next Trekking Adventure

Trekking Experiences Are Just Memorable

Are you thinking about going on a fun-filled trekking experience? If you are, you are definitely not alone. In the United States, plenty of people love trekking. There are so many amazing hiking tracks near where you live.

Although there is a high probability that you may have gone hiking before. It is possible to a possibility that it may be your first trekking adventure.

You may be thinking about what you should carry on the trek with you. If that is the case, you will want to continue continuing reading. The essential standard hiking equipment and hiking materials are listed below for your convenience.

Before examining some of the typical pieces of hiking gear that you will need to take with you on your trekking adventure, in addition to other hiking supplies, you must take the length, the difficulty, the weather when planning. For example, if you plan to camp overnight on a trekking trail or stay in a cabin, you will need to carry different equipment depending on the trek. If you are staying in cabins, you may not need a camping tent.

best hiking equipment

Trekking Experience Adventure Checklist

It is important that you create your own hiking adventure checklist. Below is a list of items you should consider.

  • Daypack
  • Jumper
  • Rainjacket
  • Pocket Knife
  • Toilet paper
  • Hat
  • Whistle
  • Torch
  • Mobile phone
  • Water Bottle
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Snacks
  • Tissues


Trekking Boots – Essential Hiking Equipment

One of the essential pieces of gear that you will come across is trekking boots or trekking shoes when it comes to hiking equipment. Trekking shoes should not only be comfy but should also be stable to allow you to walk on uneven hiking path surfaces. They should be well worn in before any longish hikes to avoid blister and rubbing.

Trekking Stick – Essential Hiking Equipment

A trekking stick is another piece of trekking equipment that you may want to think about bringing or purchasing along with you. Trekking sticks can be purchased from sports stores or camping stores. You can also make your hiking sticks by scavenging through your backyard. Make sure that it has a comfortable handle and a strap for your wrist.

I was surprised by how valuable when you go trekking with a backpack. It helps you walking downhill, keeping you stable, making your trekking experience so much easier and fun. And uphill, your arms can help you on steep inclines.

Hiking Equipment Essentials

Trekking Clothing

What clothes you wear and take on your hiking adventure will vary depending on where you are going hiking, the length of time, and the weather condition.

You are encouraged to thoroughly take a look at the weather report before leaving for your hiking journey. Even if the weather is expected to be good, you might still want to bring a few warm clothing with you, as you need to likewise be prepared for the unanticipated. An additional change of clothing is again encouraged, and a raincoat. If you are worried about space, you might wish to check out purchasing some of those area conserving bags, which are best for trekking.

Trekking Space Blanket

A space blanket is extremely small, light, and cheap. It is so important; in the rare case, you get lost, forcing you to sleep unprotected in nature.

Trekking Food

You will also want to ensure that you bring a choice of food, treats, and beverages with you on your next trekking adventure. As for drinks, you will find that water is the absolute best. Make sure you take your Sure Aqua’s Survival Water Filter Bottle. By carrying Sure Aqua’s Water Filter, Survival Bottle will allow you to gather water along your trek, ensuring that the water is free of bacteria and viruses. NO STOMACH aches on your Trekking experience.

As for the snacks, you will want to make sure that you carry snacks that are simple to eat, like little bags of trail mix, pretzels, or other easy-to-eat and transfer snacks. If you are trekking and camping at the very same time, you want to make sure that you take more than simply snacks. You might want to think of making yourself a few sandwiches, along with bringing along a couple of pieces of fruit as a minimum.

Nothing worse than being hungry on your trekking experience.

Other Trekking Equipment

Other Trekking equipment that you will need to take along on your next hiking experience; includes a map of the hiking park or trekking path in question, a compass, a cell phone, and an emergency treatment kit.

All these pieces of trekking are be considered essential to ensure your hiking experience pleasurable and safe.

Final Say on your Trekking Experience Adventure.

Whether or not you are an experienced Trekker or this being your first. You must prepare before you go to reduce the trekking expeience all going wrong.

One final thing, make sure you inform people where you are going for longer treks, the national park ranger is essential.

Why Choose the the Best Hiking Water Filter

Why Choose the the Best Hiking Water Filter

An Ultra-Light, Pocket-Sized Hiking Water Purifier

To carry sufficient clean hiking water has always been a weighty problem. First on the market were the easily portable water filtration tablets – but, oh, the taste. Sure Aqua was the first company to introduce a light hiking filter. Sure Aqua products include hiking water purifier straws, portable water filter purifiers, small hand pumps. Ideal for any type of trekking. They are the best hiking water filters and purifiers, available.

SureAqua was the first company to pioneer portable water filters and purifiers for trekking and hiking.  Other companies have tried to copy our product to the same standard.   There has been a range of other water filter solutions and repacking of the technology to be integrated with space-taking filtration bladders, have been introduced.

Did you know: When hiking, you should not carry more than 20% of your body weight. 

Best Trekking Water Filter

Ultra-Lite, Ultra Safe Hiking Water Treatment

Naturally, when you’re carrying your tent, cooking gear, first aid, clothes, and more on your back, you’re looking for ultralight hiking gear and don’t want to be carrying the extra weight of multiple water bottles.  It’s vital to carry a compact hiking water purifier as the local water source may contain bacteria and gastrointestinal parasites that could be risking your health.

You no longer have to lug around liters of water. You don’t have to risk your health, not when it’s so easy to carry Sure Aqua products.  It is a simple method to have pure, bacteria-free water for hiking tucked in your hiking/climbing gear. No matter whether you’re going over the Himalayas, discovering Burma, wandering the length of India, or enjoying the outdoors camping close to your own hometown, the Sure Aqua water filtering systems will meet your trekking needs.

Sure Aqua products hiking water purifiers are so compact they slip easily into a side pocket on your rucksack or a pocket on your hiking pants or outer clothes. It’s safe to include in your kids’ hiking gear, light and easy for them to carry, and of course, every kid prefers to drink from a straw.

Sure Aqua products water straws are simply ideal as a global backpacking water filter, hiking, camping out, It can be used for municipal and town water sources, and emergency or precautionary home use.  Make sure you purchase the best hiking water filter.

Tested and Approved Safe and Effective

Where the water is significantly more contaminated with chemicals or acid, more intensive purification will be required.  Purification will be necessary.  This will require an absorption material like activated carbon or similar material. Sure Aqua products will do the rest by removing waterborne bacteria and protozoa, allowing you to enjoy pure, safe drinking water. Some of the SureAqua products also remove low levels of chemical contamination.

Reusable Sure Aqua products best hiking water filters do not use either the iodine or chemicals methods, require no batteries or external assistance.  Depending on the product chosen, it can purify up to 50000 liters (13200 gallons) of water.  All our products use military-grade microfiltration technology. The pore size is a mere 0.2-micron- microporous filter. In addition, Sure Aqua products are tested and approved by a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) approved laboratory.

Not all Hiking water filters are the same

Some hiking water filters simply don’t come under the heading of ultra-light, plus you can pay up to hundreds of dollars for a hiking water purification system.  The cost of Sure Aqua products are made with the highest quality material.  The Sure Aqua products are high-quality, compact, hiking water filter that removes 99.9999% of dangerous bacteria and Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

For light, convenient camping & hiking gear and hiking water filtration, Sure Aqua products hiking water purifiers can’t be beaten for total size, effectiveness, and price



Why do I need a Camping Water Filter

Why do I need a Camping Water Filter

Portable Water Filtration Perfect for Camping

When you’re camping or hiking, you don’t want to load yourself down. After all, you’re getting away from it all, not taking it all with you. You want compact camping equipment and ultralight hiking gear, but you also need to carry health and safety gear, including a camping water filter that is light, compact, and reliable.

Around the world, there are so many pristine locations to establish camp and to hike in breathtaking beauty. The forests of Germany, the Italian Alps, the Canadian Rockies, New Zealand’s Milford Track, The Pyrenees in southern France, a quiet burn in the Scottish highlands, an established tent village in Kenya, the heritage-listed Daintree, Australia – and the list goes on.

Wherever you overnight under canvas, there’s one common worldwide threat. Waterborne bacteria are potentially present in every water source, including municipal tap water. Parasitic cysts for Giardia and Cryptosporidium may also be in water sources worldwide, with Cryptosporidium, in particular, posing a critical short or long-term health risk.

Did you know?  95% of all water ways contain sickening bacteria!

Organic Taste removal Carbon Blocks

Hiking Water Purification Was Never This Easy

There is no longer a need to boil and store up camping water. There is no need to cart gallons of clean drinking water to the campsite when there is a close-by water source. Your worries of drinking water contaminated water from crystal clear stream that actually is heavily contaminated water with bacterial, parasitic and cysts.

With Sure Aqua, products you can drink from local water supplies, lake water, spring water, and other water sources with confidence. It’s an ideal purification treatment for counteracting the threat of ‘Beaver Fever,’ also known as Giardiasis, so named because of the gastrointestinal sickness resulting from ingesting the Giardia cysts that inhabit water sources downstream from beaver dams.

Turn bacteria-contaminated water into clean water simply by sipping through the best portable and or pocket-sized,  ultra-light camping filter on the market, and the kids will think it’s fun – so no nagging needed. The Sure Aqua products are ingeniously designed to trap dangerous substances by filtering water through a 0.2-micron filtration membrane. As in Sure Aqua products OR 0.01 micron as in Sure Aqua products+ and Sure Aqua Bottle. With proper use, it will filter up to 500 liters (132 gallons) OR 1000 liters (264 gallons) depending on the product selected, ensuring you have clean camping and hiking water to drink.


Did you know nearly 20% of your body mass is Carbon!

Camping Water Filters are essential for health

Camping and hiking are great for your heart and well-being. Sure Aqua products are an essential complement for your healthy lifestyle and maintaining your health and well-being.

Our chemical-free, water purifying products will fit perfectly in your camping kit, hiking gear, or just slip it in your pocket to go. Every member of your family can have their own personal portable water filter– including your kids so they can be even more independent.


Why Do You Need the Best Travel Water Bottle In Your Travel Kit?

Why Do You Need the Best Travel Water Bottle In Your Travel Kit?

Why Do You Need A Travel Water Bottle In Your Travel Kit? Many Reasons…

As we said in another post here on travel water bottles, a smart traveler always carries his travel kit around whenever he/she is on vacation within his country or abroad. One of the things that you must have in the travel kit is your water bottle.

You can be forgiven for leaving anything else behind, but not the water bottle. Traveling is a thirsty experience. Considering the sweating and urination, which tend to increase with anxiety and excitement, you know you will need a lot of water.

Why carry your own travel water bottle?

  • Store-bought water is no good. The claims of it being 100% pure are mostly a marketing gimmick. You cannot trust it.
  • The quality of the water in developing countries is questionable.
  • You may run out of bottled water and thus have to filter more of your own. Having a SureAqua bottle, which is also a filter, makes it possible for you to have clean and safe drinking water whenever you want.
  • It is a travel water bottle, meaning that it is easy to carry around. It also has a good grip for the hand and can fit snugly in your rucksack or emergency kit if you travel for a hiking or camping vacation.
  • It is made with a spill-free mouth so that you can filter and drink water straight from it.
  • The SureAqua bottle is used widely in the world and has been issued to armies.

The technology behind the SureAqua bottle

As the most trusted global brand for on-the-go water purification, the portable filter is made with the latest technology to ensure that you have a quick fix to your water problem.
It is made to filter the physical impurities in water and get rid of chemicals, odors, and heavy metals to make filtered water the safest to drink. Even if you buy store water, you can just pour it into the best travel water bottle with filter for travel it as an extra safety measure.

If you use the SureAqua bottle, travelers’ diarrhea, which affects millions of vacationers every year, will not get to you. This bottle is a modern weapon against bacteria, viruses, protozoa, heavy metals, foul odors, and other contaminants. Show love to yourself and your family and avoid tragedy when on vacation. Try it today, and you will never be disappointed.

Did you know that a small thing like a crucial component of a travel kit can make or break your long-awaited trip?

The type of travel water bottle you carry will determine if your trip will be spent on frequent visits to the local drug store and in the toilet or on enjoying the breathtaking wonders of Mother Nature.

Remember, you should always make your travel kit as light as possible. Never carry around heavy and unnecessary contents.

SureAqua has the ultimate travel water bottle

Staying hydrated should be your top priority whenever you are on vacation. We are in an era of frequent heatwaves.

Be a smart traveler – carry a portable water filter! The SureAqua bottle is the perfect choice for you and your family. Here are the reasons why:

  • It is a cheap but high-quality product.
  • The water bottle can filter up to 500 liters of water.
  • You can use it for more than 10 years without it failing.
  • It has an ultrafiltration membrane that wipes out the tiniest of the bacteria and harmful viruses present in spring waters, bottled water, and tap water.
  • Water can have a characteristic odor that is not pleasant. The patented purifying media in the SureAqua bottle eliminates odors. The purifying media also suck out any harmful excess chemical content in the water to ensure that you stay healthy.
  • Nobody needs bad-tasting water. You do not need to worry – SureAqua will take care of this problem for you. It will restore the natural good taste of the water!
Plus, you can get your SureAqua bottle today: simply CLICK HERE to order.

More and More Smart Traveler’s are taking action

Join the growing number of smart travelers who have made the travel water bottle a definite addition to their travel kit.

It is such an embarrassing and potentially life-threatening thing to run out of water while traveling. In your desperate attempt to stay hydrated, you can easily settle for carbonated drinking water, bottled water, or tap water.

Do you know that such a move can be fatal, especially if you are in a foreign land?

Why go through all this trouble? You are better than that. You are a smart traveler, and savvy travelers are always prepared.

“My husband and I shared his portable water bottle when we went for a hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains last year. We always had fresh water.”
Melissa and Dave, Pierre, South Dakota

Backpack water bottle
Every smart traveler has a SureAqua bottle. They never get disappointed. While everybody else in the travel team may be at a loss when the water supply runs out, the ones with their portable water filters are looked at as leaders who will be able to take care of the group and avert tragedy.

Be the person who is always prepared and can help your peers in times of need. CLICK HERE to order your own SureAqua portable water filter and stay on top of the game! Become a hero!

Why is it Imperative that you add a Travel Water Bottle to your Travel Kit?

To know the answer, you first have to learn these quick facts about carbonated water, tap water, and bottled water.

Water bottled with filter for travel in most developing countries is just tap water in a colorful package. They bear the same risk as tap water. In addition, the bottled water labeled ‘Spring Water’ is the worst of them all. How sure can you be that the spring water was not just fetched from the contaminated springs?

My take is that you should not ever trust what a marketer tells you unless you can ascertain the facts. When it comes to matters of a product that you will consume, you can never be too careful.

  • Tap water can come from old rusty pipes that harbor deadly bacteria, harmful viruses, and other fatal microbes. Have you ever stopped thinking about the last time the pipes have had a check-up were done? While some of the pipes are decades old, you will be amazed by the health risks they pose to you and your family.
  • Carbonating the water is just done to create an appealing effect, nothing else. It is a marketing strategy companies use to attract consumers who love doing things differently.

From a health perspective, water carbonation is as harmful as any other chemically treated water. Remember that chemicals are added to the carbonated water to bring out the effect and fizzy taste. At the extreme, some of the additives have been known to cause deadly diseases such as cancer! Scary, isn’t it?

Your life depends on the Travel Water Bottle

Your life is precious, and so is that of your family members. It is upsetting and disappointing to break for a relaxing vacation only to spend days or even months trying to recover from preventable afflictions.

When you go on a hiking trip, you will definitely need to take extra care not to spend any of your vacation time lying down on a hospital bed due to an E.coli infection. Beware of Bali Belly, Delhi Belly, and other infections that affect travelers who visit the third world and developing countries.

“Never again will I leave my portable water filter behind after I spent a straight 5 hours in a toilet in India.”
Christina, Wellington

All of the risks mentioned above will be history if you add the SureAqua bottle to your travel kit! Just think of how much you will save on hospital bills if you purchase the water bottle for a small price. Besides, bacterial and viral diseases tend to recur, and so prevention is better than cure.

Final Say

Show care and love for your family. Make your travel season free of diseases by updating your travel kit. CLICK HERE to purchase the SureAqua travel water bottle. It is a worthy investment, and you will never regret it.


Do you need a camping water filter?

Do you need a camping water filter?

Why Do You Need A Camping Water Filter For Your Trip? Let’s Find Out

I am back to tell you about the Sure Aqua camping water filter. If you are ever planning on going camping, you had better pay attention. Camping is thirsty work, and it requires you to get a few things ready ahead of time. For example, do you have your survival gear ready? Do you have a means for emergency water purification?

I’ll ask again… have you thought about water?

If you intend to camp for one to two weeks or so, can you possibly carry enough water, food, and other supplies to see you through the entire time? It’s next to impossible! I will tell you what you need to do—carry enough water just for one day. Bring just enough for day one of camping and carry a camping water filter to purify your own water! Yes, order your own portable water pump today. It’s readily available.

It’s better to err on the side of caution when drinking water. Camping can be very dehydrating! Thirst is worse than hunger because it will kill you faster. Therefore, you will be tempted to carry gallons and gallons of water in your camping gear. But you will need some space for dry food and your emergency kit.

How much water is enough?

When you think about having enough drinking water, you know that you can never be too cautious.  It is better to err on the side of caution! You do not want your camping trip to be cut short before it has even started, do you? Bali Belly, Montezuma’s Revenge, and many other afflictions that affect travelers are always lurking nearby to make you cut your vacation short. However, this time around I will show you how to kick all of them in the rear to ensure you have an illness-free vacation. It is easy! Just order your SureAqua camping water filter today, and you will be set for a long time.

“We go camping every year, but last year our son Drake contracted traveler’s diarrhea in Colorado. This time, we were taking no chances. We carried our own water filter bottles.”

Sherlin and Tim, Connecticut

Camping Water Solutions

Why do you need a portable water pump?   There are many reasons, but I will remind you of just a few of the most important ones:

  • Have fresh, odorless, chemical-free, and clean water for drinking any time you need it, anywhere you may be.
  • Serve as many people as you have in your troop with clean and healthy drinking water.
  • Use state-of-the-art, tested, tried, proven, and patented three-stage filtration technology to enjoy the cleanest, safest drinking water in the world.
  • Avoid traveler’s diarrhea­—you know, conditions like Montezuma’s revenge and Bali Belly where your stomach runs so much it leaves you dehydrated in a matter of hours.
  • Enjoy every single day of your vacation. No sick days at all.
  • Use your camping water filter as many times as you like. This device is manufactured with a lifespan of up to, if not more than, 10 years.

Filtering the water, you drink with your own portable water pump is like cooking healthy food. You eat with confidence because you know what went into the pot. When you filter your own water, you drink it with confidence because you know it is clean.

Water Cleaning Technology

3-stage filtration technology The Sure Aqua portable filter comes in a very practical yet simplistic design. Now, simplicity is something that everyone needs when they are on a camping trip. With this filter, you just need to pour in water, filter it and drink it. No big deal, right? Yes, it is a big deal because, by the time you drink your water purified with the portable water pump, it will:

  • Be free of unpleasant odors – all drinking water should be odorless unless it has been flavored.
  • Be chemical-free because this filter takes away all the chemicals that might be present in the water.
  • Be free of heavy metals, which have long-term health effects. The so-lauded spring water sold in stores could still have these impurities. How do you know it is appropriately filtered? Filter your own water!
  • Be free of bacteria and viruses—yes, even viruses. This filter does not spare even the most minute viruses.

What will you enjoy most about the camping water filter? 

You mean apart from the fact that this camping water filter from the Sure Aqua Company has a spill-free mouthpiece? There many more benefits to look forward to:

  1. It is reliable – who can complain about a portable camping water filter that could be used reliably for up to 10 years
  2. It is simple to use – just pour water into the filter, and well … the portable water filter does the rest.
  3. It will purify water of all impurities, meeting international standards.
  4. It is light in weight. You can carry it around quickly, and—most importantly—it is made of BPA-free plastic, meaning that as you drink clean, healthy water, you also do Mother Nature one good turn.
  5. It is affordable. You will be amazed at the amount of money you will save—money you would have used to buy store water with questionable purity.

Quick tip for drinking healthy: always drink filtered water.

So how does the camping water filter work? 

This portable water pump employs hollow fiber UF membrane filtration technology and an antibacterial activated carbon filter. No bacteria, impurity, or virus will pass through the filter. The activated carbon will bond to chemicals, odors, and heavy metals to not flow out. By the time your water is ready for drinking, you can be sure that it is 99.99% pure of bacteria and viruses. This should more than satisfy everyone’s expectations!

Although the camping water filter can filter water from any source, you should filter water from running sources like brooks, springs, streams, etc. You see, still, water could harbor many impurities. There is something so refreshing and appealing about drinking water from a running source. 


But backcountry water is always fresh – Do I need this filter too?

Of course, you need this camping water filter, and very much so. Just think of the 1001 sources of contaminants out there in the jungle. For example, foxes, wild dogs, coyotes, and other animals drink from the same source, and, as you very well know, they are not very particular about their hygiene.

Water from an open-source could be contaminated by birds’ droppings and waste from other animals. Even human beings are likely to pass many contaminants to the water. This includes protozoa like cryptosporidium, bacteria like Campylobacter (which is smaller than 0.2 micron), and viruses that are smaller than 0.002 microns. Thus, you not only need to filter the water with the portable water pump before drinking, but also you will need one of the best water filters on the market. Be safe from E.coli.

From the list of these contaminants, not to mention the particulates, you can see that most of them will not be killed by boiling water because they have evolved over time and have adapted to the most extreme temperatures, be it heat or cold. You need modern filtration technology designed to deal with these nasty, minuscule killers. It does not get better than a portable water filter from Sure Aqua.

Once you get started using this camping water filter, you will never again want to drink unfiltered water outside your home. Even if you do not trust your tap water at home, filter it too!

Order you’re Sure Aqua pure water filter bottle online today.

“Took the Sure Aqua pump on a Scout Hike with 15 boys and girls. It was so good not to carry so much water. The scouts are only allowed to carry 20% of their body weight..Not much! It was great, so the kids were able to carry food and tents rather than lbs of water.”

George P, Westmead, Scout Leader

As you pack your disaster kit …

As you prepare for that long-awaited and yearned camping trip in another country, you want to make sure that everything in your survival kit is intact. You have heard about volcanoes erupting in Italy, deadly earthquakes in Nepal, tsunami, and many other natural disasters.

You will pack dry food, medicine, bandages, a flashlight, matches, canned foods, and so on … but you know what is even more important? Water!

Unfortunately, it is so bulky that you can only carry a bottle or so. With your Sure Aqua camping water filter, all your water worries will be forgotten. 


Order your camping water filter TODAY. Do not leave for that camping trip without it, or you may just give the protozoa, bacteria, and viruses in the foreign country a reason to celebrate.

Enjoy your vacation, and remember to drink purified water only.


Trekking Thirsty Business: Hiking Tips

Trekking Thirsty Business: Hiking Tips

Trekking What is your worst enemy?

It is vacation time! And that trekking adventure that you and your friends have been organizing is nowhere. You are getting your survivalist backpack ready, and you have packed everything you need in the travel kit … well, at least you think you have packed everything.

And then it hits you! Water! You can never have enough water in your emergency kit. Water is bulky! Trekking is a very thirsty experience. You are in a quandary; you do not know how much water you will need for survival, and even if you know that you drink ten liters every day, you do not know how you will carry even two days worth of water. Certainly not with your camping gear or trekking gear! But your goose isn’t cooked yet!

You should buy the best water filter & purifier and take it with you.

Why carry a portable water purifier? You dare not drink water from dubious sources!

Hiking will make you thirsty, and if you do not replenish your water supply in your water backpack frequently, you could become dehydrated. Believe me, and if you do not bring your portable water filter to help provide your drinking water, you will be tempted to drink from any source. Please do not do that. If this doesn’t result in your vacation ending immediately, you will pay dearly one way or another.


Instead, carry your portable water purifier. That makes things so easy, doesn’t it? Here is why:

  • With a water purifier, you can carry just enough water to drink, and you can filter more water as needed from different sources on your vacation.
  • Enjoy odorless water.
  • Drink water that doesn’t have funny tastes or flavors.

Water-related diseases cause close to 4 million deaths every year. While most of these deaths occur in developing countries, a fair number of them are from advanced countries where people contract diseases when they are camping, traveling in other countries, or hiking.

You do not have to become a statistic. With the use of the best water purifier, such as the ones offered by, you can drink fresh water irrespective of where you are traveling – in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, or even in your own country. Buy your own portable water filter and drink clean water wherever you go in the world, especially important when you are trekking.

Preparing your Survival Kit

If you are a savvy traveler, you know very well that you should not leave without one of the best water filters and that your survival kit must have a few liters of water, how people kid themselves!

In a disaster like the Nepal earthquake, how long would the few liters of water in your emergency essentials keep you alive?

When on vacation, you need the best water purifier to filter your own drinking water. Bottles are perfect—order one today here.


“Just went on my long-planned trekking vacation in South Africa. I carried my own  bottle, and I am enjoying fresh, clean water every day.”

Charlotte, Brisbane

Will it pass through customs?

C’mon… of course, it will. It is not as if you are bringing a whole water purification plant through the airport with you. It is just a water bottle that has been advanced several stages because it comes with its own water filtration system. Thus, when on vacation in your own country or hiking abroad, it has the best portable water purifier. Order yours today and keep it in your emergency kit. Be safe! The best portable water purifier for you. Order yours today and keep it in your emergency kit. Be safe!


Be safe!

You have a few potential solutions:

  • Emergency Kit: You can leave your survival kit behind and carry water instead. That is not very appealing as you really do not want to leave some essential items like a first aid box behind!
  • You can replace your dry rations with water. Yes, it sounds like a great idea, but then you remember… water has no calories, and you will need plenty of those for trekking.  Pack as much water as your survivalist kit can hold, but this may not be for the best since you want to travel light because most of the time that
  • Pack as much water as your survivalist kit can hold, but this may not be for the best since you want to travel light because most of the time, that backpack will be on your back.

But you don’t have to worry. We have a solution for you. You can have your cake and eat it too! Buy your own method to purify and filter water, and then you don’t have to worry about water anymore!  The purifiers smart water are made for just that — to enable you to filter water when you are on the go.

In a three-step filtration process using patented technology, you can get rid of viruses, bacteria, odors, and tastes from your water. It makes it safe to drink with the best portable water bottle, SureAqua Bottle, and best portable water filter pump, SureAqua Pump

Trekking Emergency Kit

Is it true the SureAqua products are made for trekking?

Trekking is no doubt fun, but it is one of the thirstiest outdoor activities you can undertake. Hitting the trail in your own country or in places that you know very well are great, but as you will find out, it is another thing altogether when you are on a long trek in a foreign country, especially if you do not have one of the best camping water filters.

Here are some challenges you will face:

  • You will always run out of clean water, that is for sure. You will be tempted to drink water from any available sources.
  • You will be tempted to drink water from any available sources. The water you find is most likely contaminated – with viruses, bacteria, strange
  • Any water you find is most likely contaminated – with viruses, bacteria, E.Coli, strange odors, and flavors. You can’t trust that store-bought water is always what they claim it is.
  • You can’t trust that store-bought water is always what they claim it is.

As much as you will be enjoying the scenery, the flora, and the fauna, one of the most constant worries gnawing at the back of your mind will be whether your water will last you through the trek. No matter how much water you carry, it will not last long. When you are on foot, just how much water can you carry?


Long Lasting memories Trekking

Trekking is a very thirsty job, and only the most prepared trekkers make it back home without having suffered dehydration; and they do this by using water filters. Here is what we promise you: You can filter as much water as you need to drink with the Sure Aqua Bottle.

  • You can filter as much water as you need to drink with the bottle. You will be using patented technology, a top-of-the-range filtration system.
  • You will be using patented technology, a top-of-the-range filtration system. Carbon takes care of any chemicals and odors in the water.
  • Carbon takes care of any chemicals and odors in the water.

Err on the side of caution – trust only water that you have filtered

Imagine you are in a foreign country. You have your survival kit and dry food that can last you through an emergency of, say, three days or even five. You have water — bottled water. You are tempted to drink it straight from the bottle that it came in, but you are wondering whether it is safe like many skeptical people. It is not! When you are far away from home, you are picky, and you are never sure of things, and—most importantly—you cannot be too careful.

Do not buy water and drink it! Buy it, filter it with water purifiers and then drink. With the patented technology that the filters come with, any water that passes through the portable water filter is guaranteed to be 100% safe.

The source of the water does not matter. It will be cleansed for you; then, you can drink it without fear. Who wants to carry gallons of water for their survival when they can sanitize water from every source with SureAqua filters and purifiers you can drink it safely?


Goodbye, canteen era! Welcome filtration water bottles, smart water!

Trekking Canteen

The era of the water canteen ended with the frontiersmen who rode in the Wild West. Today, we are in the age of filtration water bottles where you get to carry water, and a means to filter water from different sources to make it fresh, sweet, odor-free, and healthy. If you are going trekking in another country in summer, carry your own bottle and thank me later!


Why should you take the Sure Aqua products e when hiking or trekking?

Well… for many reasons, I will tell you one thing: any water bottle that doesn’t have a filtration system is just like an old-fashioned canteen. Ok, it will keep you hydrated if you don’t mind fetching water from the creek cowboy style and drinking it without sanitizing it. However, germ-laden hydration is not going to do you much good when trekking.

We have a solution for you! It is the Sure Aqua bottle, Sure Aqua Straw, SureAqua Light

Do not leave for your camping vacation without one of the SureAqua Bottleor the SureAqua Straw. That would be a big mistake, as you are putting your survival at risk.

This portable water filter could be the difference between life and death for you in an emergency. Make sure it gets the first slot in your survival kit.

It would be hard to explain why this water bottle is the best hiking water purifier. It the smart water option.

You have to experience what it can do to understand it. With a reliable portable water filter, you will not have to worry about whether you have enough drinking water, irrespective of where you will be hiking or trekking. This bottle and straw:

I love the outdoors, but I have always had a problem with water until I got the SureAqua bottle. This is a godsend!
Andrea Moreno, Connecticut

  • It is tested under the most stringent international standards, and it meets all of them,
  • It uses a three-stage purification process – a pre-filtering stage, a 0.01 Micron filtering to get rid of viruses and bacteria, and finally, carbon filtering to remove tastes, odors, and heavy metals.
  • Is it very affordable? The main goal is not profit but to give people from all walks of life a shot at decent and clean drinking water.


You have seen how vital water is when you are trekking. As soon as you run out of water, you will have a choice of drinking water from any available source and risk falling ill, or you can purify yours and drink it safely. Luckily, with the water purifiers, you can have clean drinking water every day and night.


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