Tips for Disaster Preparedness

Tips for Disaster Preparedness

How prepared are you for a Natural Disaster or Other type of Emergency?

We already have done another post about preppers, but there is no harm in repeating a good piece of advice, and we would like to add to it by bringing you more information about the prepper checklist. We live in very uncertain times today. If it is not the fear of a nuke going off somewhere and releasing radiation worldwide, it is the fear of aliens invading – lol. I know it sounds farfetched, but the movie world makes it seem like it could happen anytime! And what about Hurricane Katrina, tsunamis, high magnitude earthquakes that rate ever higher on the Richter scale, and so on? Everywhere you look, we are surrounded by mini-Armageddon disasters. It pays to be fully prepared!  Disaster preparedness should not be an afterthought!

Very important – well, unless you want to become a sitting duck in the case of a disaster, and I am sure you do not want that. Ok, by now, I know you are convinced that disasters are always lurking in the shadows, and even though there is a promise of deliverance, even when you walk in valleys as dark as the shadows of death, you have to use your brain and be prepared for anything!

  • Do you live in a disaster-prone area? It would help if you were ready.
  • Do you live near the ocean? A tsunami could occur without warning anytime.
  • Have there been heavy rains lately? As one effect of global warming, floods kill thousands – mainly by cutting them off their basic needs.
  • Do you live in a disease-prone area? For example, cholera breakouts in Africa, India, China, etc.?  You need a disaster preparedness kit.
  • Do you have a family? It would help if you had a prepper checklist.

Tips for Disaster PreparednessA prepper checklist is a must for your Disaster Preparedness Plan.  It will make the work easier, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need right there in your house should a disaster strike. Again, if you do not know what you need to buy, the list will help you. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Whenever emergency strikes, having a backup plan with solutions in mind is a top priority

Do you have plans to include emergency water?

Most people do not know how to get adequate water in case of emergency, but not to worry as I have everything for you here. SureAqua products offer you the perfect solution. If you visit our products page, you will see why it is much better to buy yourself a SureAqua filter or pump rather than to buy water bottles for storing water.

How would you like the idea of having fresh, filtered, clean, and safe water whenever you want it? I bet you like it very much. It can take days before a person dies of hunger. However, lack of water will lead to death in a matter of hours, depending on the conditions to which one is exposed.

For example, when one is in hot weather, and they are not drinking water, they will lose significant amounts of water through urination and sweating. When dehydration occurs, the body starts slowing down. If the water is not replenished as fast as possible, the vital organs like the brain start slowing down too, and that is the onset of declining health that will eventually result in death if nothing is done.

That is why when you are completing a prepper checklist, and you have to consider much more than just a few water bottles.

Should a disaster happen and you exhaust the stock of emergency water you had set aside in your disaster kit, what will you do?

Tips for Disaster Preparedness

Drink just any water that you find?

That can bring diseases caused by E.coli, cryptosporidium, and viruses too. Please make sure there is a water pump and a portable water filter included in your prepper checklist. These should go into your disaster kit alongside dry food, the first aid box, clothes, and all the other necessary items.

What should you look for in your emergency water filter?

  • It must be able to get rid of the viruses, protozoa, bacteria and other disease-causing organisms found in water.
  • It must be able to filter the water to be odorless by using a carbon-activated filtering mechanism to trap the odors.
  • It must be able to capture the heavy metals and other impurities, leaving the water fresh, germ-free, and odorless.
  • It must be able to last a long time – you do not want to have to worry about buying a new water filter every year or so.

The good news is that you can buy your emergency water filter online. Order your SureAqua filter today and drink healthy water all the time.

Prepper Checklist

Who knows when a disaster might happen? It’s better to be ready.

Due to many environmental and geologic changes happening worldwide, natural calamities are quite unpredictable today. In addition to the threat of natural disasters, we also have to be concerned about the potential of man-made disasters. Whichever the case, the probability of not having access to clean water is high. Remember, disaster does not care how developed your country is, so you should be prepared no matter where you live.

Natural and man-made disasters happen every single.  Just watch the TV news broadcast!  A Disaster Preparedness Plan should be a must.  This article Tips for Disaster Preparedness provides some guidance for you.

What must be in your prepper checklist?

You may never catch up with you, but you can never be sure. For the unknown things, it is much better to be prepared and have them never happen than to have them happen and catch you unprepared.

What should your prepper checklist contain?

Many things, but if you are a beginner prepper and do not know what to buy, you can get ideas from different sources online, including the ideas we are offering you here.

  1. It must contain a means to filter water for drinking. Note that even if you include the recommended number of bottles of water in your survival kit, you still need to buy the SureAqua filter. You can never have enough water.
  1. You may need a crank-up radio that comes with an AM/FM shortwave radio and 7 weather channels.
  2. Include a sturdily built water bottle.
  3. Make sure you have an LED flashlight and a couple of spare batteries.
  4. Get a decent survival knife, too, similar to an army-issue as that one is made to last a long time.
  5. Include candles, matches, firestarters, and lighters. A metal match is also suitable for you to have. Keep these in waterproof pouches and canisters.
  6. A survival blanket, first aid kit, whistle, and compass are also essential.
  7. Don’t forget duct tape, rope, and a lightweight axe if you can find one. You will be surprised at the wide variety of uses these items can have.

There are many more items that you need to include in your Tips for Disaster Preparedness -Prepper Checklist. You can take all of the advice you can find online and then further customize your kit to ensure your and your family’s needs are covered. For example, you may want to include rations of dry or canned foods.

“The bit about portable water filters – I think that is very important and should not be overlooked when preparing the prepper kit.”

Terri, Winnipeg


Everyone must have a disaster kit because we live in volatile times. Even if you are a beginner prepper, you can use the information we have brought you here to create a prepper checklist to ensure that your kit has everything essential for survival in a disaster, including a means for emergency water filtration. Confident to buy your world’s best portable water filter bottle HERE.


Do You Have Enough Water Should an Emergency Kit You When Camping?

Do You Have Enough Water Should an Emergency Kit You When Camping?

Do You Have Enough Water Should an Emergency Kit You When Camping?

If you love camping, you know that nothing will stop you from going for your holiday. However, you are worried about water (every traveler is), because you know that no matter how much you carry, it will eventually run out! Camping is a very thirsty experience and the thought of being so far from home makes you even thirstier. You need to make sure you have a Emergency Kit handy.

However, I have a solution for you, a solution that will allow you to travel light, maybe carry more food because believe it or not, you will not need to bring much water with you. Order your own portable water filtration bottle today. You will find water wherever you are going on your holiday and I will tell you about this special portable water filter that is produced in Australia.

This product has revolutionized the travel industry in that travelers can now carry their own portable water filtration means, and not just any water filter, but a state-of-the-art, tried and tested, proven and patented 3-step water filtration technology that:

  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses
  • Eliminates odors
  • Eliminates heavy metals
  • Filters water from any source

Do You Have Enough Water Should an Emergency Kit You When Camping?

If you love camping, you know that nothing will stop you from going for your holiday. However, you are worried about water (every traveler is), because you know that no matter how much you carry, it will eventually run out! Camping is a very thirsty experience and the thought of being so far from home makes you even thirstier.

However, I have a solution for you, a solution that will allow you to travel light, maybe carry more food because believe it or not, you will not need to bring much water with you. Order your own portable water filtration bottle today. You will find water wherever you are going on your holiday and I will tell you about this special portable water filter that is produced in Australia.

This product has revolutionized the travel industry in that travelers can now carry their own portable water filtration means, and not just any water filter, but a state-of-the-art, tried and tested, proven, and patented 3-step water filtration technology that:


  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses
  • Eliminates odors
  • Eliminates heavy metals
  • Filters water from any source

But it is not only about water, is it? When planning your camping trip, one of the foremost considerations is the survival kit because emergencies do happen when they are least expected. Make sure that the first thing to go into your emergency kit is a portable water filter bottle. With this bottle, you are assured of drinking clean water always, anywhere.

The SureAqua standard portable water filter bottle is the camping water filter that is preferred by holidaymakers and campers. You should order one today as well!  Enjoy the freedom to drink clean water every day of your life – water that can be filtered and purified from any source.

Unless you are a cuckoo, you know that you should never leave home for a camping trip without an emergency kit containing your emergency essentials and one of the main considerations is a water filter system, like the SureAqua portable water purifier. In this kit, make sure that the water filter bottle is the first to go in. You can just order yours online. This bottle has been made to last. You will have it for a long time!

It is every outdoor enthusiast’s wish that their camping experience is smooth and memorable. There is no better way to make this possible than by being well-prepared for any potential emergency disasters that can ensue in the course of camping. Of course, you never want to be trapped at a remote location, but it will be so much worse if you realize that you don’t have the survival essentials that you need.

How are you going to make it until the time when help eventually arrives?

You must always remember that even the most enjoyable camping experience can turn sour within minutes, especially when unexpected disasters occur and you are not well equipped to deal with the situation.

Ever heard of a heatwave? It can wipe you out in seconds… but not when armed with SureAqua!

Weather conditions are becoming increasingly unpredictable nowadays, in part due to the global warming phenomenon. Currently, in most parts of the US, Asia, Australia, and Europe a heatwave has become a common occurrence – taking several lives.  What this means is that your favorite camping spot can be within the heatwave range.  But this should not in any way be a reason for the termination of your camping plans. We are born to explore and we love adventure!

In fact, what you will need to do to combat the dangers of heat is to have a constant supply of clean and safe water. Water is more important than food. You do not need to carry around a tank full of water, which would be totally unrealistic. What you should do, instead, is go light and smart by purchasing the eco-friendly SureAqua standard portable water filter – the most trusted and highest quality water filter. That way, you can quickly filter and drink the water on-site at the first sign of dehydration.

Why should you include SureAqua in your camping emergency kit?

The answer is simple: there are many unforeseeable dangers that may threaten the health of you or your loved ones. For instance, in the case of flash floods occurring while camping in a place with desert conditions, many campers will rush to drink any available water out of desperation for survival. What they fail to realize is that unpurified water can be just as deadly as flash floods.

Harmful bacteria such as E.coli and parasites like cryptosporidium and E.coli can easily penetrate a person’s body system to cause fatal diseases such as cryptosporidiosis, giardia, and diarrhea.

Hiking Emergency Kit Contents

Armed with this knowledge, you – on the other hand – have an opportunity to prevent such an outcome of emergency disasters by using the SureAqua water filter bottle. You can never trust bottled water, even more so if you are camping in underdeveloped countries far away from home. Bottled water can easily be contaminated by E.coli and other harmful viruses if they have even microscopic leakages. To ensure your safety, you ought to use the SureAqua standard portable water filter to purify any bottled water you may have carried with you on your hiking or hunting vacation.

Earthquakes: How to Survive until Rescue Arrives

Over the past decade, the occurrences of non-predictable earthquakes have risen tremendously in most parts of the globe where the tectonic plates meet. Many campers prefer camping in vulnerable Asian and African countries due to the serenity of the environment as well as the beautiful hiking terrain. Yearly, millions go for mountain hiking trips in places like Mount Everest. But what is worrying is that many of them are unprepared for the possible emergency disaster that may threaten to diminish their chances of survival.

When an earthquake strikes near mountainous regions, the tremors and shockwaves that result can bring down avalanches from the top of the mountain. Now, if you have hiked halfway to the top when the deadly event occurs, your chances of survival will be narrow. If you do survive the avalanche, drinking water will be crucial in keeping you alive until rescue arrives. How tragic would it be to survive such a dangerous occurrence only to later succumb to an E.coli-borne disease just because you drank contaminated mountain water in desperation in order to survive the emergency disaster! Avoid double tragedies by adding the SureAqua standard portable water filter to your emergency supplies list.

Update your list of emergency supplies HERE today!


Safety Hiking Kit

Why should you always use the SureAqua products?

So what exactly sets the SureAqua bottle apart from the rest as the best camping water filter bottle to use during emergency disasters? There are countless answers to this question, but some of the reasons include the following:


    1. SureAqua has been thoroughly tested by the most respected quality standards professionals and has been found to satisfy or exceed all international standards regarding water purification. In addition, SureAqua’s elite teams of researchers are constantly looking for ways to improve the longevity of service of the filter water bottle.


    1. Unlike other BPA-free water bottles, SureAqua has been designed using a non-chemical material. This alone should help to eliminate any fears and concerns that you as a user might have regarding the safety of the product.


    1. Because we hold dear the health and safety of our customers, SureAqua has been specifically and uniquely designed to employ the latest water purification technology, which involves three stages: The first stage filters the larger particles. The second stage totally eliminates any traces of E. coli and other viruses that contaminate the water. Lastly, the final stage clears the water of any unnatural taste and odors while neutralizing heavy metal traces.


  1. Finally, even after considering the technology employed and the funding for R&D efforts, the SureAqua standard portable water filter is remarkably affordable – more so than any other filter bottle in the market today!  We have made it possible for virtually everyone to own this water filter, mainly because everybody deserves safe and clean water free from E. coli. Nobody should suffer from preventable diseases such as diarrhea or cryptosporidiosis. None at all should have to cut short their thrilling and adventurous camping vacation to spend some boring or painful time in a hospital bed.


In conclusion, you are now aware of the need for emergency disaster preparation, especially when camping. It is your responsibility to take that crucial initiative to order the SureAqua portable standard water filter HERE. You will be so grateful you did if you find yourself in a situation where the health of you or your loved ones is in danger.

“On March 28th last year there was a major earthquake here in Orange.  The infrastructure was damaged.  We were without electricity and water for 3 weeks.  I was so glad that I was able to clean my own water.   The Go-Pump worked so well.  It not only help my family, it help a few of my neighbors.  It really made a big difference.  I have been spreading the GoFreshWater word.”

Christine - Orange L.A.


Water Filters a must in every Emergency Essentials Kit

Water Filters a must in every Emergency Essentials Kit

What Is It That Must Be Included In The List Of Emergency Essentials?

We live in a world that presents us with both opportunities and threats in equal measures. We all need to survive every challenge that Mother Nature can throw at us. As a prepper (the person living in survival mode), there is no better way to prepare for any emergency situation than to have an emergency kit fully stocked with essentials for survival. One of them must be a portable water bottle.

No one can accurately predict the events that will unfold in the future. But this should not prevent us from preparing for any possible situation. We should always brace for the worst. How well are you prepared for a disaster? Water? Food? Dry rations? SureAqua Water filtered water bottle? Go through your checklist again; it is better to err on the side of caution. Be a real prepper at heart!

Purified water is life!

At the core of disaster preparedness is water. Yes prepper, water is life! But not just any water – clean, safe, purified water is life. We are mostly sure that the water that we drink at our homes is safe and free from E. coli. You can be completely sure if you use a filter water bottle.

We know our water at home is probably safe because the relevant authorities have gone the extra mile to meet the health standards. But we are adventurous people. We like hiking and traveling abroad to enjoy the diverse beauty and landscapes of various environments. We very much love to visit those remote parts of the world to cherish the wonders of nature and to break the monotony of our cities and workplaces. However, do we remember our portable water bottles?

I recently went to Egypt on a vacation. I fully enjoyed the view of the Great Pyramids in the desert without being dehydrated by the scorching sun thanks to my SureAqua bottle that I carried with me.

Frederick, Melbourne

Such a sense of adventure is enshrined in our instincts, and it should never be inhibited due to any fears we might possess regarding the safety of the water we drink. It is normal for a prepper to be concerned about their family’s health when they take off on that important vacation. But now with the GoFreshWater bottle in your survival gear, you do not have to worry anymore.

This smart water filter bottle will take care of your family, certainly more than any other currently in the market! It will give you the assurance that your family will not be without pure water to drink no matter where you go or what circumstances you encounter. Make sure to add this wonderful portable water bottle from the Sure Aqua Company to your list of emergency essentials today!

Will your dream vacation be ruined again? Not when you have a SureAqua product!

Travel-adventuresIt is a total nightmare to have to abort a trip overseas just because a waterborne disease has infected you or your partner after consuming contaminated non-purified water. If you were not aware of the dangers of drinking contaminated water or if you acted carelessly in a moment of thirst, not only will your vacation be ruined but also you will have to spend a significant amount of your money to seek treatment.


Today, there are viral and bacterial diseases that can never fully be cured; they hibernate just to resurface later. Nobody wants to have a recurrent disease caused by E. coli. Fortunately, the chance of contracting such diseases will be significantly minimized when you purchase a filtered water bottle for yourself and your family at a low price – a much lower cost than any medical bills you could otherwise incur. You can add one to your survival gear HERE.

Why should you trust a product from the portable water filter and purifiers from SureAqua Portable?

Because of the importance of water in our lives, there are a number of water purifiers in the market today. But not every filter water bottle can guarantee you completely purified water. Others are bulky to carry around, while some brands failed to incorporate the latest technology during the product’s design phase. On the other hand, our product is a portable water purifier that stands above the rest in design and in results. Our research and development team is constantly striving to look for ways in which Sure Aqua  – a pure water filter bottle – can be improved to better meet the ever-evolving consumer requirements. In fact, we value our customer feedback, and we take any suggestions and insights on how to improve the filter bottle under consideration.

Do not underestimate the importance of water…and the survival gear too!

All over the globe, the prevalence of terrorism is increasing. The terror activities are usually targeted at tourists, especially those from Western countries. For instance, there was a recent attack in Tunisia that left several Westerners dead. Others were quickly evacuated.

For the survivors of such attacks, there is an immediate need for an emergency water purification solution. You do not want to have to worry about becoming dehydrated in an already chaotic situation, for example, if you are taken to an evacuation center that feels like an oven from the heat of being packed full of the survivors. Your portable GoFreshWater smart water purifier will become quite useful to you and other survivors should your worst fears come true.

It is also important to note that the planet is warming fast. Global warming has often triggered or accelerated the frequency of the occurrence of natural disasters, at the same time widening the magnitude of their destructive power. As a frequent traveler, you can easily find yourself suddenly in the middle of a disaster-stricken region of the globe. It could be a tsunami, an earthquake, or a typhoon. The pure water sources and pipes will have been destroyed and the water contaminated.

While waiting for rescue, how will you survive for days without clean water?

The simple solution to the above question lies in the early preparation you should undertake for an emergency situation. Armed with the knowledge of the importance of water, it is obligatory that you immediately add a portable water filter to your list of emergency essentials, as it might one day be your savior during a life-threatening situation.

Most emergency essential experts all around the globe recommend the GoFresh filtered water bottle as a perfect choice for smart water preparation. Therefore, you can be confident that you are making the best choice for the safety of you and your family, and you can order your filter water bottle HERE.

Another reason to include SureAqua in your list of emergency essentials

So what exactly makes the SureAqua filter bottle the ultimate choice in comparison with other portable water filters?  What sets it apart from other water filter bottles?  What makes it the world’s most trusted portable water purifier and filter for a prepper?

There are numerous answers to these questions. Some of them include the following:

  • SureAqua pure water filter has a spill-free mouthpiece. This is important in that you can comfortably carry around the bottle in your survival gear backpack together with your electronic devices without the fear of spills that can lead to data loss or malfunctioning equipment. Notably, other portable water filters in the market lack this feature.
  • The emergency water purification bottle comes with a well-tested ultra-filtration membrane that uses the latest in water purification technology to neutralize bacteria such as E. coli and viruses that make people sick. It is indeed a smart water purifier!
  • It is true that water that has an odor, though pure, is not desirable. It is also true that excess chemicals like fluoride can be harmful to your teeth and body. The SureAqua filter bottle – the ultimate pure water filter – solves this problem through its patented purifying media, which is primarily made up of an activated carbon component that filters out chemicals and odors.
  • Most importantly, the sophisticated portable water filter and purifier come at an affordable price – less than 50 dollars, if you can even believe that!
  • Get your bottle and you will see first hand the amazing results from the patented three-stage filtration technology.


As a prepper, you now understand the importance of incorporating an emergency water purification bottle in your list of emergency essentials, especially while traveling overseas or even to remote areas within the country. Neither you nor your family members need to be at risk of falling sick from drinking contaminated water overseas any longer. You deserve to enjoy each day you spend on that memorable holiday. Take the initiative now – order SureAqua portable water filter bottle HERE

I was in Nepal when the earthquake struck. All I can say is that the SureAqua Bottle became my ‘guardian angel’. I am glad that I added it to my list of emergency essentials.

Sheena & Chris, Perth

“Just got back from Bali. Great holiday! Loved it. Especially not getting Bali Belly. So so many people got sick… Great investment Plan to tell all my friends”


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