Prepare Your Camping Disaster Kit

Prepare Your Camping Disaster Kit

Are You Traveling for a Camping Vacation? Here is How to Prep Your Camping Disaster Kit

Getting a camping disaster kit together is not hard work. Really! I used to think it was until I had to customize my own after learning that the store-bought ones are not as good as they claim. Really, it just means having to add more stuff! Some time back, we posted information about the importance of a camping emergency kit when traveling, which you can find on our website.

We agreed on then and still believe that no matter how much water you carry when you are going on a hiking or camping vacation, you can never carry enough. These are very thirsty activities, and you need all the water that you can get. But more about portable water filters later…

But I guess some praise is in order—after all, at least you have an emergency kit. Way to go! But wait a minute now … what is in your disaster kit? Does it have every essential item that you may require in the face of a disaster? Well, maybe, maybe not.

Hiking Water Filter

The most important thing to consider

Before you embark on that camping vacation, you must always get your disaster kit ready. Another essential thing to bear in mind while doing so is that you could get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Include things like matchboxes and lighters, a blanket, a couple of good string knives, and basically, anything else that you can think of that would be helpful.

YOU MUST NOT forget to include a water filter bottle. Germs, bacteria, and viruses have no respect for anyone!


Can you carry additional items in your emergency kit? Yes, of course, you can! But only the most essential items so that you do not make the kit too heavy. Remember, in case of a disaster, and you may have to evacuate fast. Include things like:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Feminine sanitary supplies
  • Pencils and paper
  • A change of clothes – long cargo pants and long-sleeved jackets and shirts are much better for protection against insects
  • Chlorine bleach can be dissolved and used for disinfecting
  • Are some of the items required
Emergency Survival Kit

I repeat, the store-bought disaster kit is just so basic. You need to add more stuff to it. You may need more bandages, more rations of dry food, and so on. However, the most important thing is water. You can survive days without food, but a severe lack of water can kill you in a matter of hours. Therefore, we advocate that you ensure your emergency kit has enough water.

But how much water is enough?

Everyone would have the same concerns about emergency water supplies.

Water is bulky, and you can only carry so much – read that to mean a few bottles. Most people recommend having a gallon of water per person every day with a three-day supply in case of emergencies. However, you know very well that in extreme disasters like the Nepal earthquake or Hurricane Katrina, help could take more than three days. Therefore, you need more water!

Customize your disaster kit when traveling. Do some research to learn more about the area you are traveling to.


  • If you are going to a dry area, then you may need to carry more water or a means to purify more water.
  • If you are going to a cold place, you will need to carry more blankets and heavier clothes to keep warm.
  • If you are going to a third-world or developing country, you will need to carry a portable water filter to filter even the store-bought mineral water.
  • Find out some disease history of the place you want to visit. Is E.coli prevalent? Montezuma’s revenge? What about Bali Belly?

Why you may not need to pack water in the camping disaster kit

That’s right – you may not need to pack water in your disaster kit if you order the SureAqua bottle, which is more than just a water bottle; it is a water filter too.

The water filter is a means to filter as much water as you like, meaning that space, where you would have packed three gallons of water for three days, can be used for more dry rations or an extra blanket for warmth.’

Why carry water when you can carry the means to purify your own water? 

It makes more sense to leave as much room as possible for most of the other stuff like food, clothing, and first aid supplies rather than take a lot of water in the disaster kit when you can carry a water filter and purify water wherever you go. That way, you are not only assured of having fresh and clean water all the time, but also you know that you will not run out of water any time soon.

Who needs a disaster kit?

It does not matter whether you live in the most serene place on Earth because the unthinkable could happen at any time. Thus, irrespective of where you live, you will need to have a survival kit ready all the time and with all the essential items to cope with a disaster.

One emergency kit for the entire family is not enough! You need to ensure that every family member has his or her own survival kit and his or her own water bottle filter. Who says that during an emergency, you will all manage to stay together? You have heard of people who were separated during manmade or natural calamities, only to reconnect much later.

In addition to having a survival kit for every family member, you also need to perform drills with the kids to show them what they should do in case of an emergency. The most important thing, however, is to teach them how to purify their water before drinking. That way, you will have given them skills that they can employ for the rest of their lives!

Always have the kits ready all the time if you have to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Do not pack too much into it; keep it light enough if you have to carry it while running. Remember, the kids’ survival kits have to be smaller, so look for what is recommended for their given ages in the store. There is a survival kit for everyone.

If you are traveling out of your country to go for a hiking or camping vacation, you should carry your disaster kit. If you are traveling in your own country, you should also be sure to carry your kit. Inside this kit, ensure that there is enough water or a means to get more water if you need it.

Bacteria like E. coli, viruses, and protozoa thrive in large numbers when the conditions are right, mostly during disasters. Thus, the chances of contracting such are very high when you are caught up in a disaster either in your country or in a foreign country. That is the reason why you need to include a pure water filter in your kit. In fact, this portable water filter should travel with you, even when you are traveling or business. So it should not be reserved for emergencies only.


“A seasoned outdoors lover, I know the importance of a disaster kit and plenty of clean and healthy water.”

Dannel, London

A few essential tips for your disaster kit

  1. Get ideas from several places. You never know what you might be missing in your kit.
  2. Try to build up your own kit rather than buying a readymade one in the stores as they may not have enough items.
  3. Don’t be tempted to pack a little of everything. Pack what is recommended by experts. This includes three days food supply, three days water supply, a portable water filter, flashlights, a first-aid kit, a blanket for warmth, and so on.
  4. The recommended three-day water supply is not enough! It would help if you carried a means to purify your own water. Pack a filtered water bottle. You will never regret it.
  5. Always keep your emergency kit in a place where you can reach it fast.
  6. Do not keep the water, food rations, and medical supplies too long in the disaster kit. Replace the supplies with fresh ones every so often. That way, you know that nothing is about to expire.

Finally wrapping this Camping Disaster Kit article

Now you know the importance of having a disaster kit when traveling for a hiking or camping vacation. But that is not the only time that you should have your emergency kit. You need one on standby all the time, even at home. Order your best water filter bottle here.

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Staying Healthy When Traveling Africa

Staying Healthy When Traveling Africa

Tips for Staying Healthy when Traveling Africa

If you love traveling, you have probably considered going on a vacation in Africa at one time or another. Even though it’s not appropriate right now, it will be again in a couple of years.

Africa is breathtaking. Now, before I tell you why you need to order the best water filter for your trip, there are a few things you should know about this great, massive continent. It is about 30.2 million square kilometers – second largest in the world after Asia and second in population too. Africa has once again ignited a “scramble,” not for empires as in the past, but for the market potential of the more than 1 billion people that it presents. 

Traveling to see the fantastic five beasts

Africa has awesome people, incredible jungles, and many wild animals, such as the fantastic five beasts – lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, and leopard, which you will probably never see in your own country, at least not in the wild. Let me tell you something free of charge… Africa is great, yes, but it is about 20 years behind your country in matters regarding development.

No insult intended; it’s just that not all countries develop at the same rate. Well, the urban centers are relatively modern – they have almost everything that you would have in, say, a city like Sydney – but the small towns in the rural settings are another matter altogether.

You should know that, like any other country or continent in the world, not all is glam in Africa. There is a perennial lack of safe and healthy drinking water. Thus, if you are going there, you need to order your portable water filter now. Don’t leave without it and put your health at risk.

Travel Africa

What should you fear most when traveling in Africa?

Your biggest fear when traveling anywhere, not only to Africa, should not be insecurity. It should not be food; it should not be medicine – it should be water. Ask anyone who has ever suffered from Delhi belly, where your stomach runs too hard, and there are unfortunate results from both ends, and you will know the importance of drinking clean and safe water.

Point to note: Safe, healthy, and clean drinking water for travelers is more important than food.

But there is so much water on the shop shelves.

Yes, this is true… and there are so many health food restaurants in New York, yet no one trusts them to serve healthy food. Why? Because they are there to make a profit. When it comes to food and drink, the only thing you can trust is that which you have prepared yourself. Savvy? All that water that you see on the shelves labeled “spring water” is really no good for you. Ok, you can buy it

but then don’t drink it before you can filter it. With the best portable water filter, you will always be assured of the safest drinking water.

Do you think a businessman who is after profits would have the time to make sure the water is filtered of all impurities, including viruses? Apparently not. Thus, the only water you can trust is the water you have filtered for yourself, with the top-of-the-range portable water filter.

Point to note: Bottled water is not always safe.

But I will be traveling in Africa – how can I get Delhi belly?

Firstly, I would like to let you know that Delhi, or New Delhi, is in India. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Delhi belly is confined to India alone. It is everywhere!

You think it is called Delhi belly because it is a resident disease of New Delhi in India? Delhi belly is just another name for traveler’s tummy, a condition that primarily affects people from the First World countries when they are traveling in Third World or developing countries.

That single bite of street food, that single gulp of the store or tap water that you take could make your stomach start rumbling from here to Timbuktu (as they say in Africa), and will assign you sentry duty at the toilet for hours on end.

But this nasty toilet sentry business needs not happen if you are smart. Just order your SureAqua bottle today. This bottle is manufactured in Australia and Malaysia, meets the highest and most stringent standards for water purification, and is an army issue in many countries.

It is no ordinary water bottle. It is a portable water purifying system. When you buy your bottled water, just pour it into this filtration system, give it some time and then drink directly from the spill-free mouthpiece! Honestly, they do not come any better than this bottle, do they?

Filter water from any source, but do not filter other drinks as they may destroy the filtration system. This is the best water filter, specifically designed to filter water only.

Point to note: Delhi belly affects more than 10 million travelers every year!

African Vacation
That single bite of street food, that single gulp of the store or tap water that you take could make your stomach start rumbling from here to Timbuktu (as they say in Africa ), and will assign you sentry duty at the toilet for hours on end.

But this nasty toilet sentry business needs not happen if you are smart. Just order your SureAqua bottle today. This bottle is manufactured in Australia and Malaysia, meets the highest and most stringent standards for water purification, and is an army issue in many countries.

It is no ordinary water bottle. It is a portable water purifying system. When you buy your bottled water, just pour it into this filtration system, give it some time and then drink directly from the spill-free mouthpiece! Honestly, they do not come any better than this bottle, do they?

Filter water from any source, but do not filter other drinks as they may destroy the filtration system. This is the best water filter, specifically designed to filter water only.

As a fitness instructor, I am obsessed with clean food and water. Thus, when I read about the SureAqua bottle online, I ordered mine immediately

Amy, Sydney

What is Montezuma’s revenge?

Like its nasty sister, the Delhi belly, Montezuma’s revenge is another form of travelers’ diarrhea that originates in Mexico. However, that does not mean that it is confined there because Africa is one of the highest risk places on earth where you will most likely contract this nasty running tummy disease if you are not careful what you eat and drink.

Ouch! Those abdominal cramps and pains and the unprecedented runs to the bathroom will cut your happy vacation shortly before the end of its time. If you watch what you eat and filter all your drinking water using the SureAqua filter systems, you will enjoy your stay in Africa.

Points to note: abdominal pains, and cramps, and running stomach indicate Montezuma’s revenge.

When packing your Survival Kit, DON’T FORGET

When traveling to a far country, you need to bring a small emergency kit with you.  Don’t worry too much about water, which is bulkier than, say, dry food and occupies too much space. You just need to bring one of the best water filter systems. Even if you are going to Egypt, which is in the Sahara Desert, you can still filter water from the oasis and drink it comfortably without worrying about the world.

In almost all the countries in the world that you might travel to, most Delhi belly cases are caused by E.coli that enter the body by consuming contaminated food and water. Since you must eat and drink, the only way you will keep safe is by filtering your own drinking water.

DO NOT drink a drop of water unless it goes through your water filter bottle first.

The good thing is that medicine, dry food, and other essentials can take more space in your survival kit since you do not need to carry water. You just need our SureAqua bottle to filter water from any source and drink it with the confidence that it is safe and healthy.

Point to note: No need to pack water, and you just need your portable filter bottle.

Why order your SureAqua bottle filter now?

  • It is small, portable, and has a comfortable and slip-free grip on your hand.
  • It is an issue in many countries – do you need any more assurance that this is the best water filter?
  • It has an inbuilt three-stage filtration system that filters the chemicals and physical impurities and odors as well. That is right – drink odorless water.
  • This is a light water filtration bottle that you can carry with you anywhere you go. It will pass through customs.
  • It will filter the water free of E.coli bacteria that causes traveler’s diarrhea like Delhi belly and Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which cause Montezuma revenge.
  • This product is tested, tried, and proven. It delivers what it promises! With a lifespan of up to 10 years, no other portable water purifying system comes any better than this.
  • You can order your portable water filter online, and it will be shipped to you. Once you have your SureAqua bottle, you can use it to purify all the water you drink. Whether traveling or not, it will serve you diligently.
  • It is cheap! If you think it’s expensive, try footing the cost of the doctor when you have Montezuma’s revenge caused by E.coli.


When traveling to Africa, Asia, or any other developing country, take your portable water filter with you. Drinking safe and healthy water will not only keep you safe from E.coli caused diseases, but also it will keep you alive. With the problem of drinking water solved, you can have much more fun. Order your SureAqua filter bottle HERE.

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Travel Water Bottle Keeps you SAFE when travelling abroad

Travel Water Bottle Keeps you SAFE when travelling abroad

Can a Travel Water Bottle Keep you Safe Abroad?

One of the main concerns for many people when traveling abroad is whether the water will be safe to drink. A travel water bottle with an inbuilt water purifier is your solution for clean drinking water when you are out of your country. If you frequently travel either within your own country or to different parts of the world, getting uncontaminated water is sheer luck. Your health is too important to risk drinking unpurified water.

Whether or not you frequently travel either within your own country or to different parts of the world, getting uncontaminated drinking water is sheer luck. Your health is too important to risk drinking unfiltered and unpurified water. WHAT IS YOUR PRICE?

All travelers have one problem in common– the lack of purified, safe drinking water! More importantly, the lack of confidence to access clean, safe, drinkable water. Statistics show that more than 50% of diseases worldwide are related to contaminated water.

More than half of all the people who visit international holiday destinations go back home suffering from a waterborne disease. When traveling, you can never assume that the drinking water is safe. You will need a good Travel Water Bottle– one that has both a purifier and filtration system so that you can cleanse your own water.

Overseas Travel water bottle

Can you really have safe drinking water on the go?

Yes! Why risk your health with unsafe drinking water when you can have the cleanest and safest water whenever you desire it?


  1. You can get our water bottle with a built-in water purifier – a product that has been tried, tested, and proven in the market. Being tested by governments and militaries around the world. So confident is SureAqua that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee
  2. Get your water purified from all manner of contamination, including bacteria, odors, tastes, and even viruses! Clean water does not have to be costly! You will find our SureAqua bottle very affordable.
  3. Don’t be a statistic. For example, many people develop a condition called Bali Belly when they go to Asia. This condition can be easily avoided. Just drink water that you have purified yourself with your own convenient SureAqua bottle.
  4. “I take bottled water with me”… really! Just as you can only be certain that you are eating healthy when you make your own food, you can only really be sure that your water is safe when you have purified it yourself. Otherwise, it could be a marketing gimmick for water packaging companies when they claim their water is 100% pure. It’s better to err on the side of caution. Purify your own water.

Purify your own water on the go!

In some instances, the water might look palatable, but it may contain some microorganisms that could cause you a lot of harm. The SureAqua Bottle has been designed with a purifier, meaning that you can purify any water irrespective of its level of contamination (of course within reasonable parameters) as long as you first pass it through the filters in this water bottle. This travel water bottle is the only assurance for your health when traveling abroad.

Bottled water that you buy from the stores is not 100% safe. Thus, the only way to be sure that you are drinking safe water as you travel is to purify your own water with a portable water travel bottle.

Why should you be concerned about the water you drink?

As mentioned earlier, waterborne diseases are the most frequently diagnosed ailments. Water pollution is prevalent everywhere in the world, and even rainwater is not clean. Water sources often contain various known and unknown contaminants.

Even bottled water is not safe!

That is the truth! Most of the time, bottled water is nothing more than glorified tap water that has been given minimal treatment, but there are some viruses and other microorganisms that can only be destroyed by extreme heat.

To say the least, you can never be sure that you are drinking purified water. Particularly in third-world countries, bottled water is just that…tap water that has been bottled and then sold at ridiculously low prices.

What are some of the common pollutants in water?

They include bacteria such as Salmonella typhi, parasites, viruses, heavy metals, and chemicals. The presence of chemicals and heavy metals in water is undetectable. You are unlikely to spot lead, mercury, or any other harmful chemicals in water without the aid of a microscope.

This is why it is essential to purify water before drinking. When you are in a foreign land, somewhere in the mountains, or on the outskirts of a central town where bottled water is unavailable, you may be tempted to drink any water available. This can be very harmful to your health.

However, with our portable water travel bottle with a purifier, you can drink any water wherever you are without the fear of catching a waterborne disease.

Granted, the quality of the tap water in your country could be great, but you cannot say the same about other countries in Africa and Asia. As we have said, you cannot be too careful about your health.

Our water bottle is light and straightforward. It is convenient to travel with. It will pass through customs easily, and you really cannot afford to leave it behind. This simple, everyday necessity could mean the difference between health and illness in your travels to different parts of the world. You do not want illness to ruin your dream vacation or your exciting adventures to other countries.

What does the SureAqua Bottle Deliver?

Besides the safe of mind of drinking safe clean water. Knowing that you won’t get sick from the water you are drinking. Besides knowing that you will get to enjoy your holiday, the SureAqua Bottle will:


  1. The travel water bottle has an advanced purifier, which can remove 99.99% of all the impurities commonly found in water. It removes contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites, utilizing the ultra-filtration process.
  2. The water is passed via filter membranes, which permit water molecules to pass through while preventing the pollutants from passing through.
  3. The purifier in the water bottle comprises silver-impregnated carbon, which is capable of cleaning the taste, removing notorious heavy metals and chemicals.
  4. Of course, this water bottle will enable you to enjoy clean, portable filtered water wherever you go. This could well be the device of the 21st century as it affects human health directly. At last, man has the technology to conquer easily common ailments that infiltrate our water sources.

Tested and proven across the board

The SureAqua Bottle has been tested, tried, and proven to meet all industry standards.

This bottle has been designed with the long-distance traveler in mind. It is easy to fit in a backpack or to grip your hand. It is lightweight for ease of travel and convenience.

How to order your portable travel water bottle

With all this information in mind, you can understand why the SureAqua Bottle with its purifier is so important for your health and peace of mind.


Sure Aqua Bottle Design Features

It is not designed to carry a lot of water, but it is created to enable you to have filtered and clean water for drinking whenever you need it. The filter can remove contaminants of all kinds such as chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria, as well as odors and bad tastes whether you are camping, traveling overseas, on a military.

The filter can remove contaminants of all kinds such as chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria as well as odors and bad tastes. Whether you are camping, traveling overseas, on a military mission, or you find yourself in a natural disaster area, the SureAqua bottle will ensure that you have safe water to drink.

The portable water travel bottle and purifier filter the water and make it safe for drinking in three steps. It begins by filtering out the soil sediments and any other foreign objects. This is followed by the aggressive removal of bacteria, viruses, and cysts. Finally, it removes the heavy metals, chemicals, foul odors, and tastes. By the time the entire process is over, the water is thoroughly purified and safe for drinking.

Finally, it removes the heavy metals, chemicals, foul odors, and tastes. By the time the entire process is over, the water is fully purified and safe for drinking.

“We are lucky enough to travel. We have been ill a few times. Since we been using the SureAqua products we don’t get ill any more!”

Chris & the family

“Never again will I leave my portable water filter behind after I spent a straight 5 hours in a toilet in India.”

Christina, Wellington

Prolong the life of your SureAqua Bottle

It is certain that the SureAqua Bottle has high capabilities. You might be tempted to make it a multipurpose bottle or even try to stretch its functionalities. So, what must you avoid when using this travel water bottle to ensure that it lasts a long time?

DON’T put carbonated drinks or soda in the bottle. Most ordinary water bottles are multipurpose but not this one. It is designed for water only, and such beverages can destroy its filters.

DON’T try to filter seawater. This bottle is made for the pollution thresholds of fresh water and not the hard, salty water. Any attempt of this kind will strain the filters and quickly decrease their functionality.

DON’T tip the bottle up when drinking. The right way to hold it is in the upright position or with a small tilt of 45 degrees.


Your portable water travel bottle is covered by a warranty of one year. This covers all the defects that might have been caused by the manufacturer. You can find more about the warranty in the user manual or in our Warranty Page.

Given the care that such a wonderful solution to water purification problems deserves, the water bottle filters can last up to three years or more.

We also have a refund policy. This applies when the product we ship to you does not match your order or is damaged along the way. In such a case, we ensure that we deliver the right product. For more information about this portable purified water bottle, you are welcome to see our FAQ page.


Why take the risk with unpurified water? You can drink portable purified water wherever you go. For a one-off price, you can own your own SureAqua Bottle—the perfect solution for all illnesses caused by contaminated water.

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Water Filters a must in every Emergency Essentials Kit

Water Filters a must in every Emergency Essentials Kit

What Is It That Must Be Included In The List Of Emergency Essentials?

We live in a world that presents us with both opportunities and threats in equal measures. We all need to survive every challenge that Mother Nature can throw at us. As a prepper (the person living in survival mode), there is no better way to prepare for any emergency situation than to have an emergency kit fully stocked with essentials for survival. One of them must be a portable water bottle.

No one can accurately predict the events that will unfold in the future. But this should not prevent us from preparing for any possible situation. We should always brace for the worst. How well are you prepared for a disaster? Water? Food? Dry rations? SureAqua Water filtered water bottle? Go through your checklist again; it is better to err on the side of caution. Be a real prepper at heart!

Purified water is life!

At the core of disaster preparedness is water. Yes prepper, water is life! But not just any water – clean, safe, purified water is life. We are mostly sure that the water that we drink at our homes is safe and free from E. coli. You can be completely sure if you use a filter water bottle.

We know our water at home is probably safe because the relevant authorities have gone the extra mile to meet the health standards. But we are adventurous people. We like hiking and traveling abroad to enjoy the diverse beauty and landscapes of various environments. We very much love to visit those remote parts of the world to cherish the wonders of nature and to break the monotony of our cities and workplaces. However, do we remember our portable water bottles?

I recently went to Egypt on a vacation. I fully enjoyed the view of the Great Pyramids in the desert without being dehydrated by the scorching sun thanks to my SureAqua bottle that I carried with me.

Frederick, Melbourne

Such a sense of adventure is enshrined in our instincts, and it should never be inhibited due to any fears we might possess regarding the safety of the water we drink. It is normal for a prepper to be concerned about their family’s health when they take off on that important vacation. But now with the GoFreshWater bottle in your survival gear, you do not have to worry anymore.

This smart water filter bottle will take care of your family, certainly more than any other currently in the market! It will give you the assurance that your family will not be without pure water to drink no matter where you go or what circumstances you encounter. Make sure to add this wonderful portable water bottle from the Sure Aqua Company to your list of emergency essentials today!

Will your dream vacation be ruined again? Not when you have a SureAqua product!

Travel-adventuresIt is a total nightmare to have to abort a trip overseas just because a waterborne disease has infected you or your partner after consuming contaminated non-purified water. If you were not aware of the dangers of drinking contaminated water or if you acted carelessly in a moment of thirst, not only will your vacation be ruined but also you will have to spend a significant amount of your money to seek treatment.


Today, there are viral and bacterial diseases that can never fully be cured; they hibernate just to resurface later. Nobody wants to have a recurrent disease caused by E. coli. Fortunately, the chance of contracting such diseases will be significantly minimized when you purchase a filtered water bottle for yourself and your family at a low price – a much lower cost than any medical bills you could otherwise incur. You can add one to your survival gear HERE.

Why should you trust a product from the portable water filter and purifiers from SureAqua Portable?

Because of the importance of water in our lives, there are a number of water purifiers in the market today. But not every filter water bottle can guarantee you completely purified water. Others are bulky to carry around, while some brands failed to incorporate the latest technology during the product’s design phase. On the other hand, our product is a portable water purifier that stands above the rest in design and in results. Our research and development team is constantly striving to look for ways in which Sure Aqua  – a pure water filter bottle – can be improved to better meet the ever-evolving consumer requirements. In fact, we value our customer feedback, and we take any suggestions and insights on how to improve the filter bottle under consideration.

Do not underestimate the importance of water…and the survival gear too!

All over the globe, the prevalence of terrorism is increasing. The terror activities are usually targeted at tourists, especially those from Western countries. For instance, there was a recent attack in Tunisia that left several Westerners dead. Others were quickly evacuated.

For the survivors of such attacks, there is an immediate need for an emergency water purification solution. You do not want to have to worry about becoming dehydrated in an already chaotic situation, for example, if you are taken to an evacuation center that feels like an oven from the heat of being packed full of the survivors. Your portable GoFreshWater smart water purifier will become quite useful to you and other survivors should your worst fears come true.

It is also important to note that the planet is warming fast. Global warming has often triggered or accelerated the frequency of the occurrence of natural disasters, at the same time widening the magnitude of their destructive power. As a frequent traveler, you can easily find yourself suddenly in the middle of a disaster-stricken region of the globe. It could be a tsunami, an earthquake, or a typhoon. The pure water sources and pipes will have been destroyed and the water contaminated.

While waiting for rescue, how will you survive for days without clean water?

The simple solution to the above question lies in the early preparation you should undertake for an emergency situation. Armed with the knowledge of the importance of water, it is obligatory that you immediately add a portable water filter to your list of emergency essentials, as it might one day be your savior during a life-threatening situation.

Most emergency essential experts all around the globe recommend the GoFresh filtered water bottle as a perfect choice for smart water preparation. Therefore, you can be confident that you are making the best choice for the safety of you and your family, and you can order your filter water bottle HERE.

Another reason to include SureAqua in your list of emergency essentials

So what exactly makes the SureAqua filter bottle the ultimate choice in comparison with other portable water filters?  What sets it apart from other water filter bottles?  What makes it the world’s most trusted portable water purifier and filter for a prepper?

There are numerous answers to these questions. Some of them include the following:

  • SureAqua pure water filter has a spill-free mouthpiece. This is important in that you can comfortably carry around the bottle in your survival gear backpack together with your electronic devices without the fear of spills that can lead to data loss or malfunctioning equipment. Notably, other portable water filters in the market lack this feature.
  • The emergency water purification bottle comes with a well-tested ultra-filtration membrane that uses the latest in water purification technology to neutralize bacteria such as E. coli and viruses that make people sick. It is indeed a smart water purifier!
  • It is true that water that has an odor, though pure, is not desirable. It is also true that excess chemicals like fluoride can be harmful to your teeth and body. The SureAqua filter bottle – the ultimate pure water filter – solves this problem through its patented purifying media, which is primarily made up of an activated carbon component that filters out chemicals and odors.
  • Most importantly, the sophisticated portable water filter and purifier come at an affordable price – less than 50 dollars, if you can even believe that!
  • Get your bottle and you will see first hand the amazing results from the patented three-stage filtration technology.


As a prepper, you now understand the importance of incorporating an emergency water purification bottle in your list of emergency essentials, especially while traveling overseas or even to remote areas within the country. Neither you nor your family members need to be at risk of falling sick from drinking contaminated water overseas any longer. You deserve to enjoy each day you spend on that memorable holiday. Take the initiative now – order SureAqua portable water filter bottle HERE

I was in Nepal when the earthquake struck. All I can say is that the SureAqua Bottle became my ‘guardian angel’. I am glad that I added it to my list of emergency essentials.

Sheena & Chris, Perth

“Just got back from Bali. Great holiday! Loved it. Especially not getting Bali Belly. So so many people got sick… Great investment Plan to tell all my friends”

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Hiking Water Strategy: Avoid Carrying weight of Heavy Water

Hiking Water Strategy: Avoid Carrying weight of Heavy Water

Having a Hiking Water Strategy

Hiking water is usually the heaviest addition to a hiker’s backpack. Hikers can reduce their load by investing in lightweight camping gear and dehydrated camping food, but things get tricky when it comes to heavy water.  Water is essential yet very heavy to carry. The ideal weight to carry on while hiking is no more than 20-25% of your body weight.  For fluid intake, it is recommended for hikers to drink a minimum of three liters (or 5 to 6 pints) for every four hours of walking and more if the hike is particularly strenuous or the weather is hot.  If you’re hiking for more than a day, it can get extremely difficult to carry sufficient water for longer hikes.  It is important to have a good hiking water strategy.

During most hiking trips, access to water is not the issue.  It is more whether the water is safe to drink.  It is known that close to 90% of all global waterways are contaminated with life-threatening bacteria in water.

Reducing your backpack weight by choosing the right portable water filter

Thankfully, there are many companies that have come up with water solutions for hiking.  Some are more effective than others.  There are many cheap and nasty water filters in the market that claim to work.

Sure Aqua has been in the water filtration and purification business for over 20 years and has an enviable reputation for providing world-class military quality water filtration products.

SureAqua has a number of hiking water filter solutions that give you the freedom to drink as much water as you can find. It provides you access to safe clean drinking water, and never add more weight to your backpack than needed. The Sure Aqua purifying and filtering products filters or neutralizing out harmful bacteria. That means that you can be filled up from any water source.

Map out your hike via water sources

However, before you go hiking, it is essential to plan your trip to avoid carrying a heavy water load. Map out where the path meets natural water sources. Maps can give some estimation, but don’t rely on just one source. Use a combination of local knowledge and internet research to back up your hiking water plan.

Don’t rely on having to leave the track to find hiking water. For most hikes, it’s best to stay on the path and fill up your hiking water bottle in convenient locations. Unless the trail follows a creek for most of the time, each person will need at least their own Sure Aqua Bottle.

Hiking water Strategies

There are several hiking water strategies to stay hydrated and reduce the strain of heavy water. The most basic of these is to drink a large volume of water whenever you are at a natural source. That way, you don’t need to carry as much heavy water with you, and you will get less thirsty between refilling opportunities. Regardless of whether you’re at a natural water source or not, make sure to have a large drink of water each morning to hydrate you for the day.

The next most important strategy for hiking water is to manage heat. In hot weather, the body sweats more, releasing water that needs to be replenished. To avoid this, try to organize your hike in two shifts: morning and afternoon, and avoid the heat in the middle of the day. This way, you don’t get too hot, and you get time for a nice siesta too. When hiking, wear sun protection to manage your body temperature.

Also, be prepared to be adaptable. Anything can happen when you’re out hiking, and so however well you plan, you may need to deal with situations as they arise. If you find that one of the natural sources you were relying on for hiking water has dried up, consider other places that could give you access to water or dig a hole into capturing groundwater.

When you head out on an adventure having a hiking water plan can make all the difference. For more information about hiking, camping, and surviving in the bush, check out these related articles;

  1. How to choose a Hiking Water Filter
  2. Survivalist: How to survive in an emergency on a hike
  3. Choosing the Camping Water Filter that meets your needs

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